Training on hills

Hey everybody , I´ve found some good grass hills in a park of my town , well that hills aren´t too near of the track but they are the best I can found .

In fact of the distance between the hills and the track I have to choose just one of the two places to train .

What kind of routine could be performed at that hills on GPP ?
(one of the hills is about 25 meter with a hard steep , maybe more than 10% . the other hill is less hard to steep with 150 meter )

I´ll be so glad if you could give me some samples of hill training during GPP and/or SPP.

Lot of thanks in advance.Be with GOD!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

The GPP DVD will describe some hill workouts and progressions in detail.

It sounds like you would want to focus on the 150meter hill that is not super steep. You will want to be working on your acceleration abilities so I would work mostly in the 20m-40m range. As the weeks pass you will want to give yourself more rest in between reps (so you can increase the intensity / quality of the runs).