Training on All-weather surface?

I have unlimited access to our local all-weather surfaced track, which I’m working out at 5 nights a week. My question is, even though the track is soft, should I do my speed work on it or on the football field it encircles? I haven’t had shin or knee problems from it, but better safe than sorry. Same question goes for plyometrics, are they safe to do on the all-weather surface? This track is softer than any college track and softer than many high school tracks.

Edit: maybe this question belongs in the “Ask Us” section?

I’d use the track. The harder the surface the more taxing on the CNS.

I would do tempo and plyo work on the grass. Tempo because that is recovery work. Plyo because it’s easier on your joints.

Definitely do your tempo and plyos on grass. I’d use the track for speed work.