Training in heat.

I did a tempo session today and the air temperature was 45 degrees celcius (115). The session lasted roughly 35 minutes and I went through 3 litres of water and sports drink. Is there any vitamins that help the body in these conditions? Towards the end of the session I started to struggle a bit (seeing stars etc).:baddevil:: That is what I must have looked like.

I trained today aswell. I find it best to avoid the heat altogether. I trained from 7am-8am then went to work and stayed inside. Quality is the key, seeing stars is probably not good quality.

Jester, what time of day do you train. Although it’s cold in Dallas at the moment, the summer is insanely hot, so I never train before 7pm in the summer.

The key is to always stay hydrated. How much fluid do you consume on a daily basis? It is most important to drink plenty the day before the workout/event. Do you weigh yourself after practice to see how much water weight you lose?

What type of heat.

Humidity knocks me around more than dry heat that I generally get at home.

I presuming your in Sydney (I know they had 45 degree at 3pm)

Water probably wouldn’t off been enough.

I drink anywhere between 2 to 3 litres a day, which doesn’t include training.

The best advice is limit the training in the heat.

As well as drinking water, you need to replace the salts lost through sweating. Try adding a little fruit juice to the water you drink. Better still train during a cooler part of the day.
You think you’ve problems, I was running in snow just a few hours ago!

Yeah I’m in Sydney. I drink about 3 litres of water aside from training and about half a litre of orange juice per day. I trained at 12:30-1:30. Not the smartest decision I’ve ever made.

Is it possible for you to train in the early evening?

Yeah it is possible. Yesterday that was the only time available due to other commitments.

It starting to heat up in some areas of the country so I advise for you guys to stay hydrated and train smart. :karate:

Be smart and drink your h20 daily…

Keep you electrolytes (sodium, potassium) in the right levels. Cytomax is a good drink to have handy during this time of year.

What is the weather like in you guys places? Lets get a weather report.

I know Texas is burning up right about now! :devil:

Kenny Mac~~

when it is 90 in wisconsin, i know it is bad for the rest of the country.

I don’t agree with the heat being a problem unless shade is not available. If ample water (not just to drink but to spray or soak) is available expect great training sessions with little need of warm-up. I would do tempo in the early morning and evening since it isn’t necessary to perform at maximal intensity.

it was 90-95 yesterday in new york and i found this nice flat open soccer field to do tempo on… i was dying! it felt hotter on the field than on a track. i was practically jogging my 100’s (did 2x6 with 30 secs rest) and my heart rate was around 180~!
Today is going to be 90 and tomaorrow 96!!! great weather for my speed workout… NOT!
And i got work at 6pm so i have to do it during the day!

As well as drinking water, you need to replace the salts lost through sweating. Try adding a little fruit juice to the water you drink. Better still train during a cooler part of the day

im lost here, good advice on the electrolyes but why does fruit juice help with this problem? as far as i know there are no extra elecs in fruit juice and adding the extra high GI carbs would probably upset the stomach more then help it?

look for a sports drink with high elec levels, cytomax is ok but as i recall the sodium and potasium are in a 1:1 ratio and 4:1 is optimal i think). accelerade, gpush (G1) and Eload all have good elec levels. gatorade is also 4:1(i think) but its hard to run at full concentration as it is so sweet and full of table sugar and colours.

another option is to add “lava salts” “succedd” or another electrolyte cap (perferably sports specific and buffered) to help obsord the water. if you are drinking too much plain water you may be dehydrating yourself further and developing a case of hyponatremia. for further information on hyponatremia follow this link

Make sure you always are drinking water whether your training or not. Do what most ppl do, just always carry a water bottle with you.

It is so easy during hot/humid temperature to get dehydrated. Studies shows that when a person is thirsty, they are already 50% dehydrated.

Drink that water!!

I support the gpush product a 100% …as for fructose right before speed work and speed endurance…stay away.

I love training in the heat. Probably because we don’t get much of it here in WA

Charlie what did you guys do in florida when it was really hot out? :o

Summer is definitely here in Texas. If you haven’t adjusted to training in hot weather, I would suggest lowering the density of your training and using longer rest intervals, especially with tempo. Constantly moving in the heat is too draining. Once you’ve adjusted to the ambient temperature after a few sessions, you can begin using the shorter rest intetvals again.

Make sure you drink water during meals and a light electrolyte during training…remember people die from too much water and not enough muscle electolytes.