Training Ideas for a 60m specialist (HELP!)

How would you periodize training for a 60m specialist? What would an early season cycle look like for base training? Would you go any higher than 300m for workouts or even 200m? What would a typical week in each cycle of the season look like i.e. early season, middle season, end season? I have been quite curious about how that would be done and would appreciate any ideas that you might have.

anyone have ideas?

Before I ever heard of CF’s GPP we were running hills, combining them with flat ground runs with impressive results. This being about the only running we were doing too as I placed max strength as the priority. The athletes i’ve followed this approach with are quick and muscular 185 - 203lbs but the lack of RFD is evident after 40m :o


i agree with the rfd after 40m.