Training help(for CharlieFrancis)

Am planing on using my weight vest soon
and i need to what drills to do and the
sets = rep’s and days to use it
and for how long


Charlie has mentioned in testosterone magazine a while back,
about 4 sets of 6 drills. However, most should be performed without weighted vest. Charlie mentioned that Ben would sometimes add 5 to 10 pounds of weight/vest, in easy “running A’s” and my guess, occasionally some other power type drills.
Therefore, choose 2 drills that you would include a light vest with. Do 3-4 sets with of each drill. One set perhaps without vest, and the rest WITH vest. These drills do not represent all the drills you may wish to include, just some you might include vest with. personally, I’ve been quite comfortable with drills around 30 meters in length except for quick feet drills which were done around 10 - 15 meters.

could you plz list some drills

I am not sure why drills using weighted vests are effective, (and I am not stating they aren’t effective), but I assume weighted vests are effective for actual sprint training eg. 30s, 50s and possibly flying 20-30s etc.

My understanding is that the best way to use a weight vest is to simulate a hyper gravity environment (not while training.)

The idea is you simply put about 5% of your body weight into the vest and wear the vest around all day while you go about your normal activites. Take it off for training and sleeping. Your body gets used to the extra weight and becomes stronger. When you take it off, you have more spring in your step. Since you don’t wear it while training, you don’t have to worry about messing up your movement patterns and coordination.


It’d be a lot more convenient to do jump squats if I had a vest. I probably wouldn’t buy one just for that, but since you have one that’s probably a good way to use it.