Training for Tryouts

10m fly w/ 50m build from 2 pt 1.03

Don’t know if anyone else notices any differences from the earlier vid, looks ok from here.

not sure if possible for others to watch frame by frame but the push-ups starts look better than the 3 pt as far as hitting positions goes. and overstriding/positive shin angles/loud steps etc after the initial accel is very obvious, i’m going to try and eliminate them because they are clear braking forces

tues aug 16

static stretching


-hammys are sore today, rdl’s always do that to me
-testing day tomorrow. im gonna try getting moe hip height earlier in the transition phase an well see what it does to my 30 because im sure it will help my 30-50 phase which is always ridiculously slow. also i’m going to try to have more heel recovery on my 2nd step out of the 3 pt. because my leg hits the ground so straight it forces me upwards more than it should. goals for tomorrow: 4.00 30m, 3.00 30m fly, 36" vertical, 1:20 500m, pc 185, bench 205, squat 315

wed aug 17

dynamic warm-up
stretch checks
flip and human flags
push-up start and 3pt blast out
3x30m 3 pt r: 3’,6’ 4.23, 4.27, 4.27
3x30m fly w/ 30,40,50m buil 2pt r: 4.5,5, 5.5’ 3.23, 3.20, 3.41
3x vertical 28-30", 30-32", 31-33"
1x500m 2pt 1:23.09
50 contacts plyos
static stretch

-have video, will put them up soon
-video didnt look so bad, not sure why the times were so slow. i did have some hammy soreness going into the session today, but idk if thats enough to add a couple tenths to all my tims, maybe
-didnt have time to do the max testing. i will do that tomorrow, then i leave for college. i will have to take friday off, i plan on doing some sort of bodybuilding circuit sat then start back up with the normal set up for the college training. first practice is thursday. ill do the mon and tues weight days with circuits on both days and hill runs on monday and tempo on tuesday. ill take wednesday off
-i used the mentality “get out, get up” for my starting today, and thought of a runs during flys. both felt pretty good but i guess times speak for themselves. i did notice my shoulders are kind of high at least in the 30’s so i may be tensing up a bit

thurs aug 18

weigh in -> 149

functional warm-up
barx5 r:0
135x3 r:2’
185x1 r:5’
195x1 r:5.5’
205 r:5’
215x1 F

push-upsx6 r:0
135x5 r:0
185x1 r:3’
205x1 r:5’
215x1 r:6’
225x1 F

squa (down a bit past parallel, decently wide-stance)t:
bwx2 r:0
barx6 r:0
135x5 r:0
225x3 r:3’
315x1 r:5’
325x1 r:5’
335x1 r: 5’
345x1 F

100 medball throws@15/16lbs

-i was surprised how well today went with testing maxes. lifting not that heavy and sprinting i guess has done a pretty decent job of maintaining strength i used to have and probably increased it over the summer
-all fails were very close except for the squat. i’d say for my maxes 220 bench, 335 squat and 210 pc. not bad for 149
-still had some hammy soreness, i wonder if that affected my pc and squat, but who knows?
-leave for college this afternoon, i will keep updating this journal until official team practices begin on thursday during which i’ll switch over to only posting times or video or stats but no longer the training

Good luck man following your progress!


sat aug 20

functional warm up
3 build ups
push-up start
weights (clean up to 175, snatch up to 135, squat up to 300, bench up to 155)
some ab work and pull-ups

-just getting used to a new weightroom and facilities, will do a LI/MI day monday then practices start wednesday
-saw testing times for kids on the team, only one kid was sub 3 for the fly and one frosh sub 4 for the 30. not sure of how the timing is because they seem pretty slow compared to their comp times, maybe the coach has peaking and stuff set up good or maybe im misunderstanding something, guess ill find out!







Gawd, I’d kill for those facilities … here in Buenos Aires there currently isn’t a SINGLE synthetic track where one can train on. Not even to mention there isn’t grass like that even on professional soccer pitches … must be heaven to do tempo on.

Your heel is now hitting your butt, looks good from here.

yeah, i consider myself lucky. my college’s facilities are even nicer :slight_smile:

thanks for checking the vids out!

sun aug 21

3x3 snatch@115
3x3 pc@155
2x6 squat@225
2x10 core circuit

3 hill runs

mon aug 22

jogging (~1.5mi)
3x5 bench@165
3x5 pull-ups
1x10 upperbody circuit
2’ abs circuit

-tomorrow off, maybe self-massage and stretching, then practices start wednesday, woohoo!

tues aug 23

nothing today, team practices start tomorrow, progress updates ill post, other than that ill be posting a bit less i guess

wed aug 25

just a team meeting, did some jogging, push ups and crunches

thus aug 26

first day of practice, when testing occurs ill post again…

thurs sep 15

max testing

sit-ups in 50s -> 60
6x195,3x215 power clean; predicted max: 224,231
6x315 parallel squat; predicted max: 362
1x225 bench (fail at 3/4ths rep): predicted max: 220

-max testing to know what weight to use since weightroom is by sets and percentages. there is a max number of reps, but lifting the right percentage is more importnt if reps can’t be met
-testing was after some circuits and a short distance run
-pecs felt kinda sore going into benching and i was burnt after squats and cleans, i bet i couldve got 225 up fresh. i also think that since i tend to lift below chart reps, if i had thrown 325 on for testing i wouldve been closer to 375 predicted max for squat
-bw is 150