Training for the decathlon, with a focus on 400m

I did a decathlon in April (the end of the summer season in Australia). It was my first exposure to athletics since I was 12. My results for the 100 and 400 were 12.0 and 55.0. Nothing special, but I had lots of fun, so I’ve taken up athletics. I’ve been training over the winter. It consisted of Crossfit/O-lifting x2-3/week, LJ/bounding x1-2/week, PV x2/week, 150’s x1-2/week, other event training x1-2/week. I think I jumped in a bit too quickly because I’ve got shin splints now… :frowning: The cause is lack of strength of the tibialis anterior, so that’s being worked on.

I’ve improved a bit since then. My bests for running now are 60/100/200/400: 7.76/11.89/23.13/51.46 (FAT). I did a second decathlon a few weeks ago and scored about 900 points higher but not high enough to qualify for the Australian Champs. I’m starting to realise how much time decathletes put into thier training. I don’t think I can make that sort of commitment… I’m going to concentrate on my favourite individual events. :slight_smile:

The events I have a remote chance with are 200m (21.9), 400m (49.5). Think I can do this? I have 4 months.

Anyway, it’s coming up to the summer season. In fact, today is my first club meet. I’m excited.

Other info I thought might be relevant…

age: 20, height: 5’ 9.5", weight: 72kg (159#), BF: ~10%

back squat: 120kg (265#)
deadlift: 175kg (385#)
power clean & jerk: 87.5kg (192#)
snatch: 70kg (155#)

I think you CAN!

With the depth in the 400m (Men) in Aus, you will have ENOUGH competition - which will take you to better times.

Furthermore - 4 months would probably not be enough to make you a WORLD CHAMPION, but focus on the LONG term. The coming season must bring you back into athletics. And sometimes … you MAY get surprises!!

Stay positive!

Do you have a coach?

Good luck!

Thanks for the support, sprint_coach!

I do have a coach for LJ/sprints but I only get one session with him each week. The rest is up to me. Unfortunately, I joined a club that doesn’t have many resident coaches. Those that are active at the club are more interested in teaching little kids. How could that be fun? :stuck_out_tongue: I’m currently looking for other coaches that are willing.

Ran a PB yesterday for the 100: 11.81. Woo, 0.03! Also, I power cleaned 95kg today. I must be doing something right.

If I posted video of my running (starts and stuff) would people give me advice?