Training for power

1.Hi I want to improve my vertical and acceleration throught weigth training (for basketball) it also would be interesting to increase my upper body power (for fun)!

I thought of using a complex training routine, but I do not know how this routine should look like?
Please help me!

  1. I am not interested in weight gain. Is it possible to increase my power with complex training without gaining much weigth? ( I am already heavy)

  2. I train in a home gym (squat rack , bench , chin up bar,Hyperextension maschine, Rowing maschine , a lot of free weigths )

thanks for your help!

hello man!!! :slight_smile:

well you can develop power without gaining mass but there are some aspects that be conditions like the nutrition and the volume of your training (the number of sets and exercises).

However it´could be that you add some pounds of muscle because of your genetics.

hope it helps!!!anyway I will read it again to help you a bit more if I can :slight_smile:

If you want to get stronger without gaining weight, I’ve read that low sets, low reps, high weight is the way to go. Some thing like 4x3 or something maybe. Also, monitoring your diet is important, because if you consume enough, you’ll gain muscle mass even with low # of sets of low reps, and if your diet’s bad enough you’ll gain fat of course.