training 2007

i’ve just come off the back of a long season in 2006 with a foot injury that i’m having checked out. looks like a sprain, so i should be back at training in march.
i run the 200 & 400m 22.20 & 51.0. my ‘in-season’ begins in august with my school competition, but there are some meets in june & july that i have used for preparation in the past. the school season is about 6 weeks until mid-september, and then i keep training for the state championships (30th sept-1st oct).
after this the national championships is on in december.
how would you suggest i go about planning my training?

at the moment i am about to begin some light jogging and technical work at the track & was considering some base strength work with a very basic program before beginning a gpp in march for size + strength. would this be ok even if i can’t do much running around it?
i’m is 16 and i have had limited experience with weights in the past but have never really completed a proper program.
my coach and i feel that i am mature enough this year to begin some strength work but the focus will remain on track work, core & some plyos. i also have school commitments that may limit the amount of time i can spend in the gym - probably 2-3 60min sessions a week and have to play waterpolo 3 times a week until march. my track training is limited to once a week until then
any advice is much appreciated! thanks

It would be a good idea for either yourself or your coach to invest in the cfts, and it would help towards your and others training. If not just just read around the site theres tons of info

Towards weights if you dont have much experience with weights dont jump into it. Make sure you have supervision to keep proper technique if you do, do weights. If plyos and core work has been working for you then keep them up. Weights are just supplementary to what you do on the track.

ok, thanks. so you don’t think i should be doing any strength work until i’m able to do track work again. we’ve already got some of the cfts videos and am working off those principles. the forum is always a great help.
approximately how long should the GPP & SPP phases last and what should be the focus? we’re working off a short-long-short program

I dont have a problem with you doing weights, just dont make it the focus, or let yourself think that only doing weights is gonna make you faster. They aid sprinting i have no doubt about it, but when youre 16, there no everything.

For your GPP and spp, i followed the van dvd and gpp dvd but just figure out when your important meets are and work your way back from there, and see how long you have and what you want to work on.