Train under Rain = Cold ( Grippe ) ?

Guys, i don´t know about you, but me, i always get a cold ( cooled, grippe, etc…) when i train at rain it is normal ?
BTW, it´s a good idea if i train even with a little pain in my throat ? I´m feeling good, my body still normal ( i guess )
the only simptom of a cold so far is the pain on the throat.
What should i do in those days ? ( weights at least ? ).

My people like to say:everything what does not kill you just make you stronger and tougher :rolleyes: I usually train in all conditions outside but never had a problems with grip even in winter.As regards the throat sometimes i get it in the evening before sleep and next day all the symptoms gone.Just watch that you are taking enough vitamins and pay attention on overtraining.

The Oscar goes to
i´ve just started to train with a guy who is at least 1s.100/2.5s.200 faster than me plus 80kg stronger in squat, 4 weeks training togeter :confused:

And you’ve followed his training regimen?

Day by Day,
Neck a Neck,
the only “diference” is our external colour
if you know what i mean.

His white you are red?

Almost…he´s black and i´m red :mad: