trail leg speed

i am a multi eventer and i was wondering how i could improve my trail leg speed, beside repitions in practice. I have made improve ments by the basic hurdle drills and such. But the slow leg speed, is killing me in races.

I’m sure you’re aware of the “step over” ankle cue, if not, check under the search option.
Also, much of it is dependant on ground reaction force, (which, in the opinion of many, myself included, is the result of “everything”.)
Also, bear in mind the length of your legs or inside leg measurement. if everything else was equal, longer legs would take longer to coil up.
I think posture is incredibly important, particularly the strength of the wall of muscle behind the 6-pack, but maybe we should avoid the temptation of a shorter stride?

i think he talking about the trail leg in the hurdles race as oppose to the running form


sorry i was talking bout trail leg in the hurdles. But as far as form i am only 5’10’’ so form has been a very big obstacle