Track vs Football

How does the year round weight room workoouts for a sprinter compare to a skill position in football? Any info would be greatly appreciated.

ZAQ, the similarities between the two are the various manifestations of muscular strength that both require in order to enhance the respective athleticism which is necessary to excel at either sport (i.e., relative, maximal, reactive, explosive, acceleration, speed strength, strength speed, and starting strength, to name a few.)

A couple differences from a fundemental perspective are 1. sprinting is a uni-directional activity, 2. skill position playing is a multi-directional activity.

A couple differences from a mechanical perspective are 1. sprinting demands great running mechanics in order to accel at the sport, 2. running mechanics , when compared to the needs of a sprinter, are argueably of minor consequence in comparison to the many other motor abilities (i.e., position playing, hand eye coordination, change of direction, etc.) which are necessary to excel as a skill position player.

To put things in a very general perspective, regarding the actual training parameters for the two, both types of athletes strength training is similar to a degree. A skill player, however, must address lateral (hip) mobility, neck work, and various manifestations of strength endurance, all to a greater degree than a sprinter. Sprinters utilize high intensity ballistic/plyometric drills in a much higher volume than football players.

Very similar yet entirely different.


Anytime you can work “manifestations” into a post, it’s got to be good.

How about the cycles, there are track meets all year around, so when do you try and peak training? Football i had a inseason, post season, off season, and pre season, all different workouts. How do you layout a plan to make you workouts for a sprinter?

Anyone have any input?

What kind of reps should be performed for track? Volume? Frequency of workouts?