Track Technique, NSA, T&F Coaches Review, etc...

After a seven year layoff, I’m contemplating getting back into coaching. When I was active, I used to subscribe to the periodicals listed above. Aside from the tremendous resources available here ( GPP DVD was great and I’m looking forward to the video ) where do the coaches out there look for info, ideas, etc… Should I renew my subscriptions? I did Level I and II about 10 years ago, is that stuff worth going through again?

The periodicals you listed are fine “Track Coach” is good as well. You also may want to go through level II once again to freshen your memory and give you new ideas. This site is a great resource for information. It is more like Level 3 discussion around here. Just use the search function and navigate the site. Let me warn you it is highly addicting,lol.

Also def. get a copy of CFTS… best sprint training book you can own PERIOD!

I forgot they changed the name to Track Coach a few years back. I picked up the CFTS when it first came out in 1992(?) but loaned it to my nephew last year. I think I’ll need to pick up the e-book. What about New Studies In Athletics? Is it still available?

You can get NSA through IAAF. If the periodicals that you referenced still interest you, check out NACACTFCA @ The annual meeting spots are great as well :wink: