Track and field art

I painted a poster to color-copy and hand out to my teammates as a Christmas gift. Let me know what you think, and I do take art criticism very well :wink: :slight_smile:
It is painted by hand in acrylics, and the vaulting poses are taken from a couple of pics KitKat posted a while back.

(p.s. don’t know how to post pics as wonderfully as KitKat does, if someone could PM me how, that would be nice. There might be more of these coming…)

Great job!

Are the poses from pics of Isinbayeva? Nice work.

yep yep. Thanks

Wow! That’s awesome. You should do a Jeremy Wariner one and also a decathete one - like Clay, Sebrele and Smith.

Good work Stef, you have a special talent. :slight_smile:

WOW!! I WISH I was on YOUR Christmas present list!

Beautiful Stephanie. . . and your painting isn’t bad either. :wink:

this is Kiwi John gave me to work off in order to post an image

  1. Go to

  2. It defaults to upload file so click the Browse ‘button’

  3. Slect the picture file you want from the File upload box the same way as with an email attachment.

  4. Click on the Host It ‘button’

  5. The file will then be loaded and you will see a number of options. Copy the top one from the bottom lot called Hotlink for forums (1) by left clicking with the mouse (it selects it all) then right clicking and choosing copy.

  6. Paste that in the post (Ctrl + V), click Submit Reply ‘button’ and Robert’s your mother’s brother FPRIVATE “TYPE=PICT;ALT=”

Any further questions just ask.

Nice work, please post other pictures!

would make a good t-shirt and/or meet poster

maybe you should get a copy to Isinbeyeva herself

I know how to KitKat-cool-post now :cool:

Don’t have any track and field art so far, I just got into the mood of the subject, so I’ll post whatever comes along

In the meantime, here’s the main character of the comic I co-created with a friend :slight_smile:

Do you know how to reach her??


The poses are not the best you could find, are they? I feel like may be with a little more face and un-curling, they would look more, … free and dareing… Look at your other photo. Another face all covered and a curely pose with very shy signs all over. You are not that kind of shy person are you? Well, you are very bold on the colouring part.

I’m not a painter by the way. Its just what I saw/felt .

The Swedish agent Daniel Wessfeldt manages her on the circuit.

mobile +46 704 10 46 06 / +

Fax +46 40 87 110

Tel +46 46 40 80 880

(snail mail to):

Stina Funke
Box 5126
20071 Malmo

or you can contact her through her official website…

This is good stuff. Did you draw your avatar as well?

Thanks Charlie :slight_smile: Yeah, the avatar is a type of self portrait.

Started on another track poster today to promote teamwork spirit that is missing in Greek teams :rolleyes: (almost done)

KitKat, thanks for the info. Already contacted the agent :wink: I’m suggesting that she buys the original :o

Here it is:

Self criticism: the right guy’s body is off, but it doesn’t bother me all THAT much (I think…:confused: )