total tempo volume

For a sprinter 200-400 i believe that you are suppose to top off at 2600-3000 meters of tempo. is this correct? also, i was up to 2000 meters (mostly 100s and 200s) last week, and i was wondering if i should move up to 2600 this week and stay at that for the rest of the season? or should i move up more gradually…

i am a 100-200 runner who runs the occassional 400. typical 3000 meters is what you would want to get up to for tempo however for the indoor season i only go up to 2500 meters per session because im doing it on a 200 meter indoor track that is a very hard surface with tight curves. i feel if you are doing tempo indoors 3000 meters may be overkill.
lets see what others think.

I got a question for you guys. Can i do tempo on a treadmill in the winter because the ground would probably be to hard, my treadmill goes up to 10 mph. So how would i set it up.

Remember that Tempo is a regimen to promote a certian physiological response, it is not a specific workout on a track. If the ground surfaces are not suffice for a traditional tempo program, you can easily substitute a higher-volume medicine ball workout or pool workout to illicit the same response.
Search the archives for pool tempo, etc.

The figures sound okay to me.

But as Dlive suggests - running is not the only way.

I can vouch for wrong conditions. I did 7 x 300 with 100 walk on grass. But unfortunately the ground had no give at all, so I have shin soreness and a likelihood of not running on track for a week.

So my workout this morning was 2 x 6 x 45 secs on, 15 secs off. 1.15 between sets. It wasn’t a true extensive tempo but I’m not sore. I am going to see if I can get one of the lifeguards to train wih me so I can throw medicine ball around.

Can you give me some examples of higher-vol. med ball workouts please?

Treadmill surely can’t be used for tempo. The muscles used for treadmill running are those to support the body as the tread passes underneath, which do not include all the prime movers as used in sprinting.

could u please give an medicine ball workout that can replace the tempo runs of grass? that would be awesome for our legs