Torn Hamstring

I made a post a while back about my hamstring that I tore in February. Progress is going well and i’m getting back in shape. However, my left leg is nearly 3/4" smaller than my right now. There is obviously some loss of muscle mass, but it is getting much better. What can I do to increase the strength in my left leg so that I have a better balance. I’m doing lunges, squats, and good mornings for my legs right now. Should I start doing single leg curls on the left leg as well?

Deliberately control the eccentric portion of each exercise. Try to resist the load for a longer time on the lowering than on the upward motion. Accentuate the eccentric portions of your exercises to increase muscle mass and strength.

I have been doing this, but there is still a deficiency in size. Charlie or others???

Pick out an exercise that works one limb at a time, such as the step up or single legged squats, and make sure the weaker/smaller leg receives a great deal of time under tension. Lower and raise the weight slowly. Eventually with specialization, the imbalance should be eradicated.

Lift with two limbs lower with one limb. Ham curl machine will allow this. Since you are doing rehab using ham curl machine sould not be a problem. Remember the eccentric part of the exercise must be 4- 6 secs long preferably and considerably heavier than you concentric. Be careful to use a weight that you can control for 4-6 secs, do not strain, and do not over do the reps. If you feel unnecessary strain behind the knee during the lowering then the weight is still too heavy.

Thanks for the reply guys. I’m going to the doctor tomorrow to make sure that everything is alright before I start the fall program.

I would concentrate more on hip extension than knee flexion, otherwise I agree…Oh, and give it some time :wink:

Thanks, but it has been since February.