Can we read anything into what happened yet? I think the three big names may have caught a bit of Asafitis the way they were shutting off and cruising through the heat like that! Gay and Spearmon especially had to put in a little burst around or just after the transition into the straight. Bolt just looked like more of a jog the whole way through. My TV broke half way through the heats-pissed! Had to wake my mum up at 3.30am so I could watch the rest in her room. She took this remarkably well! Ha!

I thought Gay and Spearmon ran quite comfortable and calm - particularly the latter. No head bobbing or shoulder twisting that sometimes is characteristic when he has to make up. If the second round doesn’t present problems, they both might have soft landings leading to the final.

Gay certainly displays a lot of facial expression during his warmup sprints. Always seems agitated. Or is this his way of ramping up?

That greek guy was impressive to say the least…20"11 with not that big effort…in the morning…

There was some talk of Gay having some of the knee problems returning. Will be interesting to see how that affects things. He almost looked like he stumbled late on in the race, not surewhat anyone else made of that?

Yes I thought it was due to muscle fatigue or some sort of issue with his leg.

Could the stumble have worsened any issues he was having with his leg or knee? I just saw Bolt’s heat again, and in oslation he looks like he’s simply jogging. I think this may be a tougher contest for Gay than the British pundits at least, are suggesting.

I love that!!! Sympthoms include: sweating,choking,tightness and feeling larthargic (after 60m) :cool:

Ha yeah. The guy sweats a lot when the pressures on. Check Athens final!

Interesting how the Greek guy ran his second round in comparison to his first round. Looked to be working harder, but 4 tenths slower! Bolt to me looked most impressive! Spearmon looked like he ran a more consistent race. Gay ran a similar patterned race to Bolt, but didn’t look quite as impressive to me.

Bolt looked awesome!

I think he got hurt in the QF. he was holding his ham and looking upset at the finish.

Did he look like he was favouring throughout the race do you think? His 1st round led to there being a weak QF seeding!

Amazing how you break out in a nervous sweat when it’s 40d celcuis!

Powell always sweats a lot. It was the same on the first day of competition.

Ok, it was just something I immediately noticed and thought back to Athens final. Gay didn’t appear to be sweating as much, maybe that highlighted it for me.

On that run, he looked impossible to beat. Never seen such a tall guy tear up the bend like that. But of course the question is how he wins the war of attrition through the rounds. He certainly made Spearmon look extremely ordinary by comparison until Bolt eased down to a jog. The drums are beating after that display… :smiley:

maybe he’s the next kenteris as his 100 and 400 numbers are comparable to kenteris

kenteris 100-10.15, 200-19.85, 400-45.60
gousis 100-10.27, 200-20.11, 400-45.55

hopefully he’s not injured and we can see what more he could bring

Gousis definitely looked uneasy after the QF. I think Spearmon held back throughout the whole race, he has conserved more energy than Gay or Bolt I would say. But I agree, Bolt looked awesome, like he could have gone 19.6 in the QF. Stil, we all knew who looked the best in the 100m rounds!!

What did everybody make of the final. Spearmon had a definite mis step on his 3rd or 4th stride which I think lost him a more convincing bronze. Would he have touched Bolt? Hard to say. Rodney Martin I thought ran really well, hats off too him. USA v Jamaica in the sprint relay, should be good. Throw in the Brits and maybe a Trinidad team and see what happens!!

Video of the 200m http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r7q-9JV1lY4