Top tips

Could members share their top tips for general nutrition / diet?

5 pointers each

I’ll go first:

  1. Consistency of timing of food
  2. Don’t skip meals
  3. Never forget breakfast
  4. Eat your greens
  5. Chew

Just one, sorry! :slight_smile:

Lose your fear of carbs.
Don’t overestimate “diet products”
Minimum meal time is 20 minutes.
Cook for youself. Far more reliable.
Take the sweets in moderation - never say never. It leads to bingeing
Get your damn fibre and protein straight!

stick with mostly whole foods keep away from processed
dont eat to much or to little
try to get fats protein and carbs in each meal
focus on protein intake
dont eat to fast

even if you train hard be careful what you eat.
never count calories.
never eat 2 hours before sleep.

I disagree with that.
Athletes should eat something with casein protein or other foods with high protein amount(Cottage Cheese for instance)to prevent their body from entering a catabolic state.

sorry to pile on tuco, the last thing i do before bed is eat cottage cheese or egg whites with almonds and my efas.

my top points…hmmm let me think today at the gym (i always have extra clarity after a knock down drag it out squat session) and ill post this afternoon.

never count calories.

for some people its the only way mate…sad but true

i think the number one tip or point that i have learned over the years is keep learning. try different things, read, research, run new proticals, seek new sources, dont be affraid to ask quesitons, find what works for you or your specific athletes (and this changes depending on the training cycle) integrate what works and disregard (but dont forget about) stuff that doesnt.

with that said, here are my “tips” from the current nightmare protical:

the eat every 3 hour thing went out the window about a month ago, my meal timing is now dependant on how close it is to training. pw shake is right after, followed by a meal replacement 30 minutes later, then a whole food meal 90 minutes later, then ill eat every 2 -2 1/2 hours after that until bedtime. ive found, even at 36, with the training intensity high, eating every 3 hours wasnt enough to keep me in a positive nitrogen balance and my blood sugar would drop or i would slip catabolic. remember you are either swat or you’re not.

remember the fundamentals!!! the basics are basics for a reason, ie i had left out msm and efas (if you can believe it) out of my program for a few months and under the strain of heavy lifting and sprinting low and behold, my joints got sore! 1 week back in and i feel like the tin man after a quick oiling. try new things but dont forget to dance with the girl that brought you.

try to eat “perfect” for 2 weeks and see what happens. i remember about a year ago i tore a strip of a forum member ( ) for half assing his diet and saying he didnt have to eat clean as he was still performing at a high level and eating like crap. try it and see what you are missing, then go back to the way you were eating and then tell me im still full of it.

i could probably keep rambling on, but lets leave it at that for now and see what others have to say.


I knew you gonna tear me apart because of this but it works for me.If I eat something before sleep my dreams become nightmare.Maybe some protein drinks but this is not food it is liquid. :slight_smile:

If it is junk, get rid of it. Don’t have it in your house, or it will get eaten. It was either Clemson, Nightmare4d, or Berardi who said this.

Mmmm Pizza.

Cold pizza for breakfast just like ‘end of days.’

What do members think to the shakes versus whole foods? Which is better? Are more gastric juices released when whole foods are eaten, resulting in increased absorption?

Liquified protein would break down faster in the stomach becase more gastric pepsin can reach the molecules because of increased surface area. About 80% of it still needs to be broken down after it leaves the stomach, and this happens mostly in the small intestine (mostly in the duodemun and jejunum). When it is broken down into useable amino acids, it is then absorbed in the small intestine.

Therefore, I would say that the type of protein would effect absorption, but not whether it is liquified or solid, since by the time it gets to the small intestine it is liquified anyways.

Technically though, a shake is still “solid” when it hits the stomach unless it has already been broken down into amino acids like supplemental L-Glutamine.

wow to be mentioned in the same breath as those 2…


i wont shred you, making blanket statements without clarifying is one thing, explaining like you did is good enough. as jeff spencer said at swis a few years back (when explaining why he didnt have LA and the rest of the usps team do squats inspite of “traditional” strength and conditioning proticals…“the body doesnt read text books.”


Update, my boss wrote an article for CTS’s website and the training LA was updated slightly …Some lighter ground based movements are rumored to be used since 140 pound cyclists with spinal erectors smaller than fenway franks make lousy back squaters. I will ask my boss for the scoop. Leg presses are not ideal but some improvements in leg strength is possible.

Jeff Spencer also stated that we are looking for As and not A+s!

Other cool LA things…look for the Sharp shooters in this year’s tour on TV…they are willing to take out anyone who wants to take out LA.

"Excuses are for those that need them, limits are for those that have them. "

Good nutrition works…but you got to work as well. Invest time and money into what you eat and don’t blame genes. Say each excuse out load slowly and you will realize the problem is you.

Great thoughts Clemson!!


I am tired of many of my friends wanting to get “ripped” when they spend all of their time drinking and all of their money on the booze and wings!

i forgot one very important piont under my tips

VARIETY i always try to swutch up meats and things like that to get the most out of each meal

I am tired of many of my friends wanting to get “ripped” when they spend all of their time drinking and all of their money on the booze and wings!

well i know this is the 12.345.678 time im gonna brag for practicaly the same thing, but mate, my nutrition is in place, and my training is more or less good too. Yet, i am STUCK at all my lifts (my sprints tend to imporve though) and my BF is the same (i have NO idea what it is, something like 10%)

so yeah, my genetics SUCK, i mean that, they suck*, that is, my dna barely quilifies for a human being

and for gods sake, for GODS sake, every single person i have EVER advised on training and nutrition has had faster and better results than me.