Too much weight on reverse hypers

hey i have a question at my gym my trainer mike does reverse hypers in like a swining motion i dont think this is right. Am i losing benifts from reverse hypers from swining rather then doing a motion like a squat or bi curl. a nice slow movement were u raise up and go to raise up and go down vs swining to ge the weight up i think my 400lb revese hypers will drop to 100lb revese hypers well let me kno about correct way thanx

I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to be a swinging motion.

Read it.

your supposed to do a ‘controlled’ swing. so reverse the weight before it hits it apex when its coming down, keep constant tension on the strap, but yes, the weight is going to be swinging. Watch the seminar videos, or any of the Westside vids and you see it swings.
that doesnt mean that you could not also do it controlled and slower, but from everything i have seen on the westside videos the weight is swinging.

My point was that he is using almost as much weight on the reverse hyper as westside lifters who have squatted nearly 3 times what he has.

ahh, i was being stupid and didnt read the whole post, sorry about that got ya, im squatting 600 and am using 300 for set of 10 and they’re tough,

im sqatuing 320 i i should be using like 175 or like 160 for my revese hypers

The reverse hyper is a very versatile and effective tool that is capable of contributing a lot to the development of athletes.

Performing the movement in a reactive fashion mimicks the hip extension action in sport which can not only strengthen the posterior chain complex but also provide a potentiation stimulus. I have even used reactive reverse hypers in complex fashion with short sprints and other related activities.

The drawback to performing the movement in this manner is that it can be easy to take stress off certain muscles and throw it onto others.

Watch how people perform the movement. If they bend their knees slightly they’re throwing more stress on the glutes. Perform the movement with completely straight legs and the hamstrings are under more activation.

Using more “glute” is fine if your hamstrings are strong and glutes are inhibited but many people have the opposite problem (strong glutes and no hamstrings). For those who need more hamstring activation it is better to perform the movement with completely straight legs and in a strict(er) fashion. “Feel” is important. Reactive varieties can still be performed but IMO should be of shorter range variety…Drop and catch 3/4 of the way down or perform oscillatory isometrics in the top 1/3 range ROM ala DB Hammer…a surefire hamstring killer.

One of the reasons I like the reverse hyper on the box-horse with a partner is to avoid the momentum swing at the end of the action which can irritate your back. You can see how we do it on the GPP DVD