too much flexibility?

What do you guys do with athletes (sprinters) that are extremely flexible? I’m talking like the flexibility of a gymnast or ballet dancer where their range of motion is seemingly beyond what they need for track&field. It seems to me like excessive flexibility may become a disadvantage at some point. Is this true?
We do the “team stretch” thing as part of our warmup. Should stretching be optional or even discouraged for those extremely flexible athletes? I know they need to stretch to remove any tightness and ensure range-of-motion before training. But what if they’re so flexible that they can almost touch their foot to their head in the traditional supine PNF hamstring stretch?

mortac what ages are we talking about here?

Collegiates. 18-23 years of age.

i ahve always been very flexible but when i seen what a WR holder in the hurdles could do i soon changed my opinion

i think its an big advantage, but they have to watch that they have enough stress/tension on their muscles

There’s no such thing. Flexibility around the hip is very important to obtaining higher speeds.

I agree. And I think this is what is holding me back (which other athletes may also experience) especially during my acceleration and at the end of a 200.
My adductor area, groin, and external rotators all seem very tight and I think this also is causing my feet to externally rotate. I have started some basic stretches for these areas and not to jack the thread but if anyone has any suggestions please let me know.

There are tonnes of hip mobility exercises you can do. Hurdle walk overs, over and under hurdle work, hip circles, laying down leg swings(from Fundamentals of Speed & Strength DVD), medicine ball ab work across your body (GPP DVD), standing med ball circles and stretching. I believe that stretching only makes up a small portion of hip mobility. Alot more benefit can be achieved through exercises.

My adductor area, groin, and external rotators all seem very tight and I think this also is causing my feet to externally rotate -Quikazhell

I agree with Blinky but external rotation of feet/thigh is caused by tightness in the oburatorious internus/externus and piriformis (the muscles that limit internal rotation.)

The way to fix this is with this stretch :-

While standing feet facing forward bend your knees and turn one foot/ thigh inward as far as possible. Then grab and hold just above the knee and turn your thigh outward. Relax and increase stretch.

You can do this sitting also, same idea just lean back supporting with your arm(s).