Tony Wells

What does everyone think about this man’s training methods? -S

Aggressive. But no more than, perhaps Courtney, Taylor, Turner, Kennedy et al that had an exciting talent pool and understood it was now or never!

His methods seem very advanced and technical for high school. He is against tempo, keeps training at high intensities. I have searched the forums, but haven’t found much information on him. -S

Yeah. Work sensibility, stimulus, adaptation - key parts of Wells’ system. Overlooked with his athletes ( Smith-Gilbert, Calloway, Latimer, Joyce, et al) is how each bought into the program! Particularly where maximal performance levels were required.

Often with interest in his training schematics, his competition preparation strategies are rarely discussed.

Yes, each of his athletes have bought into the system and his success continues, yet his methods are rarely discussed. A strange contradiction, as it would be great to parallel his methods with Charlie’s and others. -S

I spent a week with Tony back in 1992 at a Jr Elite Camp in Colorado Springs. Definitely a great experience. I’ve been out of the loop for quite a few years so I don’t know how he does things currently.

If you Google “Lyle Knudson” that should lead you to a site which offers videos from these camps which include Tony.

Try this link:

I also witnessed some USATF Jr. Elite camp work by Wells et al in CA. I agree completely with your impression.

However, it was obvious that the intensity and determination might’ve been relaxed in comparison to his charges. And I understand why! :wink: On the other hand, with his continued support at NSSF, Nike and such, he is committed in not allowing a talent to go by the wayside.