Tony Holler World speed summit day 2

Click bait.

what does click bait mean?

(on the Internet) content whose main purpose is to attract attention and encourage visitors to click on a link to a particular web page.

I wasnt interested in his presentation

Oh - I don’t warmup but I spend 20mins performing high intensity sprint drills and my kids warmup at meets… Ummmm ok.

He is the second presenter to say no warmup

Everybody trying to be different. I’m not buying it - it can be 110 degrees and I still need to warmup. The warmup is more then trying to warm up the body it’s a time to accomplish many other things.

Our long time CF forum member Kyle is presenting for the second time.

i thought his ideas on minimum dose sprint training were interesting and could see how his kids would get fast as they are always fresh.
WWS is such a great idea and it’s always good to hear how others are coaching/training.

I guess I shouldve gave him a listen

whats his forum name?
I liked his presentation. gonna incorp some of his oly lifts


Not sure if my 2nd dm went through - did you get it?

I just replied

Ok Hold up… 2 presenters said They don’t warm up!!!

yep Tony and another guy on day one. I didnt hear tony’s presentation but the other guy was just saying not to waste time doing a long warm up. Never gave any examples of what his protocol would be so it was gold dust

Ok to quote the Great Uncle Curtis… “What da Hell”???

The other guy on day 1 for no warmups was Henk K from Netherlands.

Planning to prove bodyweight exercises were as good as weights. Study was based on 1 of his athletes. Might even have a grain of truth but surely the most crap statistical study ever …

He was the one who also said wear a weighted vest throughout the day and place small weights around the body. Apparently something from the astronaut programme.
I`ll remember that the next time I run on Mars.

A lot of these euro sprint coaches are weird. Charlie was right - they love their specific exercises.

I’ve heard Henk Kraaijenhof speak before on (Something like that)… Obviously a very smart guy but… I so agree with you guys… When I run on Mars, I’ll think of his statistical study…