tom shaw

Curious as to what people think about his combine training and to see if anyone knows about what kind of template he uses

I’m curious also what the people think on this forum.

cant argue with “his” guys running fast at the combine…can question what role he had in their development?

yea but how much of it was due to him. It is an invite camp. Obviously he knows enough to not mess anyone up, but i think ive been surprised that some of his guys dont run faster…but then again i dont have anything to base that off what they should be running or have run in the past.

All these combine gurus make me laugh…maybe their role in 4-5 weeks is bigger than the role of the S&C they had for 4-5 years in college?Better 40…you test a player in december, tired from the season…give him rest and let him fly 4 weeks later

I thought someone posted a year or two ago during combine season tom was around for media appearances mostly, his staff worked with athletes. And some athletes came and went as they pleased. I couldnt find the link to the discussion.

Anyone seen the NFL commerical of Mr. Rolle and his training with Mr. Shaw. Any thoughts on running in front of a mirror?

didnt see it, but i cant see any benfit from running in front of a mirror. Running should be sub-concious, trying to conciously assess yourself while running seems pretty rediculous, but maybe i’m misinterpreting the situation.

just youtubed tom shaw and it came up with him talking about steelers player ike taylor. Who when running 40 yard dashes, using a police radar sign reach 26 miles per hour in of the the 40’s. Don’t see how that works.

tom shaw said ike is the fastest player he has ever trained…faster than chris johnson he says.

he also said that if he can increase a players verical and long jump they will run faster. This has been covered in this forum, and the conclusion was that ther are related but no cause and effect relationship…the more i learn about tom shaw the more i dislike.

It’s funny, the mirror is attached to a riding mower and the athlete is running behind while looking at himself in the mirror.

wowwwwwwwww…if he can coach NFL guys i think my grandmother could be the next combine guru!!

is this some kind of submaximal run (tempo) or an actual sprint?

what does it matter, whats to check on when ur jogging?

your right but i was just curious

because a local Tom Shaw disciple claims to have worked with all these pros. I have seen pics and he looked like an onlooker. Just because you stand on the track when the guy ran by doesn’t mean you “trained him”. That would mean I have trained more than a dozen NFL guys. Haha. I gues I could say I trained Desai when I was talking to Charlie at York when Desai ran by.