To Pierre Jean...

I having a little bit of trouble in maximizing my stride length. I am not quite sure what the problem is considering that my flexibility is above average but could use more work and my strength is sufficient (My squat is 455 right now). A friend of mine suggested that my arms were too close to my body and that my arm angles were to short and not opening up causing my stride to shorten. I am 5’11 and weigh 81kg. Do you know of any drills or exercises that could help me with this problem. Thanks.

Heelo Vincente,

I assure you that your max squat are good enough, too good maybe as that’s about HSI guys have done. So unless you’re a 9.9 sprinter, there’s a balance problem with your strength abilities and speed abilities.
Also, the stronger your legs are, the stronger should be your feet/ankles too. You can’t transfer your leg strength if your feet are passive on the track. For that, you can have a long in the archives to the French training methods topic where i showed exercises with Polish bench. You can use also country joggings with straight legs in various ground nature, pliometric exercises, leg press with straight leg and feet movements only, development of calf muscules, 30m runs with small hurdles or marks on the track using one step between each and varying intervals, etc…
If you use long interval marks, your arms won’t have other choice than open their angle.
I can only give general statements about it, maybe you can post pictures so that we can have more food to thought. Also, what’s your 100 PB and do you know the number of steps, of better, your stride length at ful speed? (in order to check if stride length really is the problem).

Thank you very much for the information. I agree with you that the balance between my strength and speed is a little off. My power seems to be be fairly good as well. My standing long jump is 10’5" and my vertical jump is 108cm. When I am running it feels as though the amount of ground that I am covering is equivalent to someone 6 inches shorter. I will try and post some pictures if I can but we’ll see if I can find someone with a digital camera. I will try the bounding exercises and using markers while running. My personal best in the 100 is 10.50 and 200 21.51. Thanks again.

this maybe simply a mechanical problem vs relaxation.your squat may leave you with ideas of blasting compared to sprinting.the difference is SL being full or choppy.i have seen many great sprinters lifting but the sprinting on track is still smooth and full SL but on the other hand i have seen amatures outlifting the pros and the difference on the track was huge as in tension and trying to push the run with strenght.gett your video on line and that will clear up alot of problems

[gett your video on line and that will clear up alot of problems[/QUOTE]

What would be the easiest way to go about posting a video online?

Would skipping using differing foot stances be a good substitute for Polish Bench Pierre Jean?

Yes, let’s say a good addition. But the softer is the ground, the sleepiest will the feet be back to track.

Posting video online, i don’t know the procedure.