To Charlie: Tempo work 100% ??

hey charlie,
i read(“Speed trap”) that you did special endurance runs with Ben Johnson and other at 100% and did only 2 runs with up to 30 min rest between.
Are you still doing this kind of tempos?

You also mentioned that full speed work needs 48h recovery(bc of central nervous system). Are you doing weights after such an session or the day after or is it even too much?

Any ideas from everybody?

Yes special endurance is flat out with full recovery.

Charlie also uses tempo runs at less than 75% on the day after special endurance.

Weights are done after speed/special endurance work.

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You must be really new…I suggest you do a search on tempo and speed and special undurance on this site. You will find what you want. I would also recommend you purchase training for speed, the gpp dvd and the first forum review file. Its all there…

thanks for the hints… i am going for it