To All the Long/Triple Jumpers

What’s with this side of the forum dying?? I know there are a lot of long jumpers out there, come on and introduce yourself here! Ask questions, post advice or anything! I can’t be the only jumper in this entire forum.

No, brah, you’re not alone!! I’m a long jumper myself and I would love to see some activity on this page.

introduce urself: post prs and experience

im a freshman jumper in university
PRs of
7.16 long jump
14.18 triple jump

You are not alone

LJ: 6.88m
TJ: 15.76m


Glad to see you guys here. A little bit of myself:

LJ: 20’ 9"
TJ: 40’ 3"

Been jumping for a year only so far, lookign forward to this season :smiley:

thats a big difference dont you think??

I haven’t long jumped in ages, but my PB was 22’5" with a hurt leg. I never did compete in the triple. Now, I’m practicing for 100m and long jump for some future masters meets. I’ve still got my hops and I look forward to crushing my PB’s.

Georgia Bulldogs—2005 SEC Champions!!!

thats a big difference dont you think??

True it is a difference, but nothing unusual. John Edwards was 7.46m & 18.29m. Thats an even bigger diff lol


TJ: 14.28m
LJ: ???

I started training last december after a loooong lay-off after all the injuries I went through as a teenager. Now looking towards the 15m mark next summer. Long jump would also be a fun thing to try…7 would be a nice round number :cool:

How do you guys base your training? Do you use a modified CFTS or something totally different?

I have been integrating some of the ideas in Jon Edwards’ training and some of Charlie’s ideas with my own. This basically means two or usually three high intensity days per week complemented with lower intensity stuff (circuits or tempo). I only do bounding once a week after the GPP now because of the hard indoor track. Sprints on the two other high intensity days, mostly in the 30-60m range, pretty low volume. Power cleans, squats and bench in the gym (will add power snatch back to the mix next year).

Hi guys,

Finally some action in the long jump. My big question is as you would have seen in another forum post under ask us about incorporating the CFTS to long jump. I want to know what you guys are doing for the speed sessions at the moment i am following the 12 week speed progression as outlines in 2004 vancouver. My question is where do you go?

As charlie has outlined so many times that you train for the distance that you require i.e my max distance wouyld be 50m tops for a run up and thats pushing it. so followng his graphs on the speed/ power curve what do you do in spp2 if you have followed a spp1 of short to long ? some tips guys ??

Well, basically you could just repeat what you have been doing in spp1, perhaps throwing in an occasional 80m or 100m sprint. But I think that the emphasis should be even more in the long jumping and a bit less in the sprints, because you should have the speed by that time and integrating it to your jumping technique becomes the primary objective. JE was doing perhaps a couple sprint sessions a week consisting of something like 4-6x60m or 30m+3x60m (very low volume, very simple), and no tempo.

Regarding tempo, I prefer to substitute it with body circuits or similar stuff and do tempo perhaps once a week, if at all, in the spp (in the gpp I usually do two tempo sessions). This is just to save energy and the legs.

Anybody else want to share their ideas?

basketball is cool training in the winter, or GPP, 'cos its fitness and u get the jumping and landing effect. True it is a hardcourt floor, but if u can fit it in I think it’s good. I didn’t do this much last winter, but next year I will. Also, how many plyo/bounding sessions y’all do per week?

Jumpman, where do u get ur JE info from? Where “Up North” r u? I’m in OZ.

I’m in Jyväskylä, Finland. JE training info is from the article by Carl Johnson in New Studies in Athletics (September 1996): The Elastic Strength Development of Jonathan Edwards.

could u post the article “The Elastic Strength Development of Jonathan Edwards” (scan it or type it or copy/paste it somehow??)
thatd be awesome

ive never trained with a base really before…
in the fall i always did volleyball and the winter was basketball and that was my gpp basically…

this year im in a lot better shape doing intensive tempo and speed endurance runs (which i never did ONCE in high school)

Jumper, is that article available on the internet? I would love to see that.

I don’t think it’s on the internet and I don’t have a scanner at my disposal at the moment. I’ll try to get it scanned during the christmas holidays and e-mail it to you then.

Jumpman, sorry to just now be responding to this. Thanks, anytime you have a chance to get the article up, we would appreciate it!

Hi! I am another long jumper from the Czech Republic. I am following ChFTS. But because of my long years problems with my take off leg I have not been able to do any plyos and jumps- only running and weight lifting. In spite of that my PB is 7,65 m (25-1 1/2 ft.)

hi pavel, you say that ur following the cfts Me too i would like to know what you do over the period of jan - august for your running? I a have followed the 12 wesk phase 1 speed progression i,e 60m runs some advice would help