TJ2K's Training Journal

posted on 10-4-2003 at 11:18 PM

i over looked that one

meet tomorrow!


posted on 10-4-2003 at 11:24 PM

Good Luck, TJ!



due to the bad weather here in ontario with all the ice storms and such, i had my first real track/speed session instead of the usual plyos and short sprints (20m).

I did 30, 50, 80, and jumping in my speed session.

indoor Meet results:

I started the day off with a weak 200 where i ran 23.83 and my stride felt kind of wierd as its seemed i was understriding.

40 minutes later i ran the 60 and was really tired. I finsihed 1st in my heat and won it by over 1 second and by 10m. My dumb coaches seeded my time really low (8 sec) and so i ran in the slow heat and only ran a 7.5s This sucked becasue there was no finals for the 60 so i never had anyone to push me to run faster. oh well.

I had a 2 hour layover until long jump and fouled on my first 2 jumps and had to jump a safe 5.77m to get into the finals. In the finals, I was interupted because I had to go run the 200 again in the finas and ran it in 23.71 but i felt dead.

Sprinting back to long jump i went and jumped 5.80 on my first jump and in the midst of in the air…i reached out with my hands and my hands got caught on my spikes and i ripped them back to finish the landing phase and tore the flesh out of my hands. blood was all over the track and sand. but it was funny because my next jump i taped it up and i sucked it up and jumped 6m. It was funny because i had to land straight up in the pit to prevet from getting sand in my wound.

With all of the poor results i had (it was disappointing as i expected to go under 7 in the 60 and jump well over 6 in LJ. ) i still mae PBs in every event.

Lj- last year=5.80 today=6.00
200- last year= 24.5 today = 23.71

this is the very first meet of the year and i can only improve from these results. looks good for this year.


posted on 23-4-2003 at 03:42 AM

after half recovered from the high hamstring pull i had to go to a meet today (field only).
Our track is brutal for jumping as it is just a rolout track of rubber that makes your spikes sink into it.

In LJ I jumped 6.11m into a 4.5+ headwind and followed up by jumping 6.02 and 6.05 --there was no finals.

In TJ i faulted on all my attempts because of the strong tailwind 4.5+ except for one which was 12.48m. My faults were monster jumps too i was so pissed!!!

I did high jump for fun today and jumped around 1.70m which was only like 5 or 6 step approach.

With all of my jumps over 6metres, i am making awesome progress and i am getting a lot of speed on the runway now, even though i could feel the tweak in my hamstring eveery stride.(i had to understride to avoid pulling it again)

I cant wait for our next weeks meet (tues) because ill get to run the 100 as well as my jumps.


Charlie Francis


posted on 23-4-2003 at 07:25 AM

Better get some therapy on that hamstring. At the least you can ice after practice for 10 min with an ice cup. and use some heat rub on it before you warm up (yes this DOES help). Hot and cold contrast showers are a big help also.


posted on 29-4-2003 at 04:03 AM

today we had a meet with decent conditions except for the monster headwind even worse than last week. At least it was warm out.

im ready to change my name to LJ2K because i always seem to exceed my expectations in LJ but am having early trouble with the TJ. I think it takes longer to peak in triple jump through the season.

I jumped 6.12 in LJ and won my division by 52 centimeters. I should be able to win SWOSSA with that jump but would like to get in th mid 6 meter range by then.

I jumped 12.55 in TJ as i had to work around the 4x100 and the 100 final during the same time as the TJ. I didnt even get a finals so i guess thats okay.

In the 100 all of our times were screwed up at the tape in the finals. I was just happy to be in the finals actually because i ended up doing 6 events today. and that was my sixth. My coach said i ran around the 11.7 range but im not sure.

All in all i was happy about winning the LJ and being in the finals in the 100.

PS the high hamstring is fine now.

field meet

yesterday we had another field meet and i won the Lj with a jump of 6.30
yeah!!! PB!! i actually had no wind for a change…

later i had the 100 yard dash and the mile realy (4x1) and i ran good…i have a sinus infection right now and it sucks like a [i’m sick] i still dont know the results yet…

i jumped TJ today and won with 12m into another monster headwind that was causing really poor performances all around.

i get to run the 100m again along with the 110 hurdles and 4x1 on wednesday…will be my first hurdles race so far in my second year of junior. i want to be around 15.0-15.5 range.


How did the 100 meter go?

i ran poorly today i developed a cramp in my right calf that forced me out of the hurdles and triple jump. I developed the cramp during the 100 at about the 75-80 m mark. It was so wierd, i couldnt bend the foot for a minute or two.

I rested until the 4x1 and ran awesome, i ran a split of something like 11.1-11.3 range. Iwas so relaxed because i was in a slower heat. In the 100m i cramped prolly because it was a very good heat and i was pressing because i was beginning to fall back.

on the video i look good but it doesnt look like i get any power from my body at all. I run effortlessly but it doesnt look like im trying (didnt feel like it either) i wonder why?

(after passing up the 100, TJ2K is now focusing on the 110 HH)

We completed our two day city meet today and did fairly well setting two pb’s on the last day.

On the first day i did long jump and only had one good jump the entire competition–a fault. my best ended up being 5.77m officially, but unofficially i jumped so far on my first attempt when the wind was rather settle. it was at least mid-6m so i was happy. The rest of the jumps i was forced to run into another monster headwind of like 5 or something. i wasnt happy.

Today in triple jump i got over 13 for the first time and jumped 13.11. There was no wind at all today…nice and perfect conditions. I broke the city record (13.50) on my second last jump…but…they called it a fault!!! They measured it for fun though, and it was 13.55!!! huge jump for me. but it doesnt count, and no one will ever no because it wont be recorded…
next week i want to get past that mark and hopefully flirt with 14 at ofssa. challenge the silver…
The hurdles i ran good enough to win because their wasnt anybody in my heat (im the only hurdler in the city) and ran a decent 16.1

everything is on video and i was analyzing it after i can see there is TONS of room for improvement!!!

almost a meter PB in triple though…


I wouldnt give up on the 100, use it for special endurance and training for your hurdles/jumping :slight_smile:

congrats on the good showing!

well done TJ2K, on your :shoot: triple jump PB.


Originally posted by chris30
I wouldnt give up on the 100, use it for special endurance and training for your hurdles/jumping :slight_smile:

congrats on the good showing!

i am only allowed 3 events and 2 relays.

i do 110 HH, LJ, and TJ, 4x100, 4x400

by the way i did my first 400 ever yesterday as well…

ran a 23 split at the 200 mark and it took me 25 seconds to complete the last 200…how embarrasing i didnt know i was that weak at maintaining speed endurance. oh well, learning experience! i will pace myself next time. BTW i ran a 58 and i am hurting like a [i’m sore]


i think you mean 23 and 35…
23 and 25 is a great race. thats a 48 point with great splits! anyway… better luck next time… keep us posted…

i meant the last 100:P

i got scared today, in the triple jump i faulted my first two jumps and had to jog/walk up to the board and jump 12.30.

i won with 12.88 into a head wind. But i won which is the most
important thing. In long jump (next day) I jumped 6.19 into a huge headwind which affected
everyones performances. I can look great upon that result even though it was a pb it was still into
a rough headwind that was illegal for all the people going in the opposite direction (3+) But i won long jump whihc is more important. In the hurdles i ran 16.4 into a head wind in a race in
which i tripped over a couple hurdles but i gutted it out on the last couple hurdles and stole
second from the guy who was winning most of the race. (i ended up winning the highest point total for my division and our school won the junior division team title for the first time evr.
I feel good going into the west regionals as the number 2 seed in triple and long jump. Hopefully
all goes well, and i can get some PB’s…our 4x1 lit it up and beat the slow heat by 3 seconds and
took 3 rd overall with a time of 46 flat which can get us to ofssaa hopefully.


Cant you do the jumps down the other runway if the wind is always bad? :slight_smile:


i wish, but in competition, we do them only one way and that is it. The only reason it seems to be windy all of the time because the one high school i compete at there is really no boundary/building to reflect the wind away from the track.

Plus i got unlucky when we had to do two days worth of events at two different schools (half at one school one day other half at other school the next day) i happened to have a headwind both days.
at least i had tailwind for the 4x100 relay.


today i did a 30, 50, and 80 metre sprints. i ran 9.64 in the 80 metre one i dont know if thats good, it could been inaccurately if it was unreasonable because my little sister timed me.

in the weightroom i established new pbs in the power clean and front squat. PC=80kg and Front Squat = 90 kg
it seems for the past 2 weeks, whenever i enter the wieghtroom, i get a PB, odd.
hopefully this means something good is going to happen when the conditions are decent. (been awfully cold here in ontario for the past meets)

went to michigan to do some shopping. I found Michael Johnsons Slaying the Dragon for $1 (yes one dollar) at the dollar store!!! i couldnt believe it!!

I also found BIOTEST MD6 for $10…is this worthless? Can it help me? I know its for dieting but will it help me get more ripped (i am fairly trim at 165 at 6’1)??

Thanks Guys

I also found BIOTEST MD6 for $10…is this worthless? Can it help me? I know its for losing fat but will it help me get more muscle development (ripped/bigger) during my hypertrophy phase this summer (i am fairly trim at 165 at 6’1)??

you’re going to get ripped in a hypertrophy phase?

sorry i meant get bigger and more ripped looking. more muscle development.

what is the opinion on MD6?

okay we just had our ofssa west regionals and we must have had the poorest conditions for a track meet i have ever been associated with.

we had a -7 headwind, 40°F, and pouring rain (nobody broke under 12 in the 100)

I jumped 6.04 which was spectacular given the conditions. this put me in second throughout the majority of the competition (5/6 rounds).
The wind finally let up to like -3 and then all hell broke loose. i fell from 2nd the 6th in one series of jumps. as everybody started jumping well, with 6.07, 6.09 etc.
well it was my turn to step up and join the fun with a farther jump and i faulted. i choked. the most disappointing moment in my life. I failed to quialify for the provincial championships by 5 cm.

Yesterday was better in which we ran into a -1.7 headwind but i wasnt as bad (it felt like i was cutting through butter compared to todays weather.)
This was in triple jump. I jumped 13.20, a PB but disappointing none the less as i felt i could have jumped much further, like my legs had energy there but never used it. it was kind of wierd. I placed 4th after being second as well throughout the competetion and was edged out on people’s last jumps again. I still qualify for OFSSA.

one thing i noticed is how SLOW the better jumpers than me run up to the board! i go full out like it is a race and i dont jump as close as the one guy does (14.54) i go much faster. maybe im out of control.

In 4x1 i ran a 11.1 split and our relay team ran 45.5 a huge PB and still finished 8th.

TJ2K that looks good. Speed is a big asset on the runway. Looks like youll get over 14m pretty soon, when conditions improve.

Also, If you are fast then youll find as your strength & technique impove so will your jumps.


it doesnt make sense to me when i see guys jump 14m using like a 85%-90% run up speed.
if they went faster, would they jump farther?