Tire Workout

Today I took a mate through a workout using just a tire and rope. here is the workout…

Tire Row, pick-up, Sprint, Drop, Sprint Back, repeat - 3x5
Tire Sprint - 4x1-2 laps of small square (not small, good size)
Tire Shouldering - 2x10 (like sandbag shouldering)
Tire Overhead Toss - 10 reps
Tire Rollout - 2x15
Tire Crunch - 2x50 (feet up on tire)
Tire Prone Bridge - 2x30s (tire on back)

Now, that workout looked good from my view point. So i was wondering, what are your guys views on it? i basically made it up in my head as we went along, so what would you add/change? only using tires…

could this be benefical in GPP or in a sprinters programs?

thanks guys

sounds like a tough gig being one of your mates.

do you have to many friends at present :smiley:

lol he came to me wanting to get fit, so i thought i would try a different method of training beside the usual bench, squat, pull-up, deads, etc

umm a couple atm, dont know how many more if i get them to do the Richo Tire of Pain Workout lol

Sounds good Richo. Here’s a pretty good list of exercises you can do (based on using the tire as a sled): http://asp.elitefts.com/qa/default.asp?tid=110&__N=Sled%20Drills

thanks rav, good list of exercises. i like the bear crawl…

anyone who can answer, where can i fit this type of workout in? i do a 4 day split, Monday is Sprints and Lower-body weights, and Tuesday is Tempo and Upper-body weight, thurs and fri are the same. thanks

I use tires with the university rowing team and our club rowers. Truck tires are used as a sled. I have 3 sizes if tractor tires for flippin’ and seated hand over hand pull with a 75’ tug of war rope. Tractor tire weights are about 200, 300, and over 400 lb.
Our smallest coxn Jo (99 lb.) can flip the small one and the medium one They don’t even look at it as a workout. They call it a “play day”. Tires are great.


yeah they are pretty good. many people underestimates the power of what a tire can offer. i couldnt believe it when i could think of so many things to do with a tire. and they can offer more functional strength.

but im still trying to find, would a tire workout be benefical for a sprinter? if so, what are some good workouts? where can i fit it in?

thanks guys

i guess you could do a lot of what people do for med ball workouts but use a tire instead? chest passes, over head passes, round the body ect ect.

ok, sounds interesting.

should i do a search for it, or can you tell me where to include this and what a good workout is?

its a bit hard explaining it in words, dont know if there is a search you can do that explains it well.
there is a med ball DVD out i believe.
in the Gpp, there are med ball examples too.

well with my current split i go…

Monday - Sprints, Lower Weights
Tuesday - Tempo, Upper Weights
Thursday - Same as Mon
Friday - Same as Tue
All other days, rest

Maybe, i could sub a thursday leg training day in a GPP session, or a conditioning workout? or maybe a friday? not sure here, help me out