timing device

have any of you guys used this device for timing sprints?


Can you measure 100m with it ? or just 10-30m splits ? I’m guessing you have to start the timer manually and get splits when u reach the cones ?
I’d use the 300 bucks to get a good mini DV camera … should be more accurate and much less messy

For track related work, is 19" tall enough?

it may be cheaper but i think a device like a speedtrap would be accurate and probably save time.

One of my friends has this system and he loves it. Says he has no problems with it at all(no issues stepping over the sensors). I think the starting method has to be via tripping the first of sensor though.

how does ur friend use it, mainly for his sprints?

Mainly for flying sprints I believe due to that starting constraint

I am a bobsledder and we are tested on 30 m sprints using a 1 yard box to start and 20 m fly sled pulls so this device looks perfect. We are tested using the speed trap system but it is too expensive for me to get my own for off season training.

any other people use this with success? How reliable is it?

According to their manual there is two options of starting
Normal Start
Used in dash drills, timing the drill begins as soon as the athlete crosses the sensor beam of the Start Digital Cone. The athlete lines up behind the sensor beam in a normal start.
Hold Start
Used in shuttle drills, the athlete starts in the line of the Digital Cone sensor beam and timing the drill begins as soon as the athlete leaves the sensor beam of the Start Digital Cone. The athlete waits in the
sensor beam for at least 1 second before starting; the Digital Cone beeps to indicate it is ready to begin timing.
Reviewing Results
Within DRILL mode, the Handheld Controller stores up to 10 recent
timing results and an average for each drill. As you save more than 10, the oldest results are erased.

Sounds like a good system to me, especially for the money. It also seems a lot less cumbersome than the Speedtrap system in addition to its cost advantage. I might get one myself.

I bought this system and it did not work, I was skeptical this product but it was made by nike so I gave it a shot. I returned the defective unit and almost a month later the new one came.

It works GREAT!!!

I am very happy with the system now and have used it a few times in the past week. Even ran a PB 30m!

The price is excellent. If it works well then this might be the system to get.

Great for short sprints but you can’t time 100m sprints or further with accuracy as the range is limited.