Times from Oly compared to last meet

Did you guys notice the drop off in times from the Oly Games
compared to the last meet ran yesterday in the annual ‘Super meet held in Yokohama, Japan?

Looking at the medalist winners Gatlin dropped off .12
Greene dropped off by .46 I believe…

What do you think about this as far as fitness/holding peak form 30 days after your best performance?

Was the hardness of the track a factor? Ambient temperature maybe?

adreanaline would be an obvious factor?

age and drop off? Or money or bonuses…

partying? drinking? letting hair down?

look at mens 400m… otis harris 46.1, compared to olympics 44.? big difference.
the amount of training sessions they had after olympics would have been minimal. with their own runs, plus relays etc, then partying, enjoying the sites for a couple of days, travelling back home, then resting a bit, then a few sessions to run again.