Times for SPP1

Hi All,

I am attempting the SPP1 proogram of charlie’s that runs out to as far as 60m. Guys, I am just wondering about times etc that im running. I’m doing most from standing start with driving arm behind my body with the clock held in that hand, while the other hand that im gonna drive backwards on the 1st movement is slightly infront of my body (pretty much a long jumpers starting position).

I have completed my 1st and 2nd week of this phase and am recording times of 6.6 and 6.7 repping them out pretty easily on the speed endurance sessions. What I am aiming for with the Easy/Fast/Easy exercises is to gradually accelerate and hit it out strongly from 20-40m and then not increase my speed but relax and hold what i have attained to the intensity limit. is this the correct emphasis?

On the F/E/F exercises my emphasis is to, accelerate and then relax and check that my form is in order thru 20-40m and then try to increase my frequency while holding good relaxed form in the last 20m of the 60m. is this the correct emphasis?

Basically if I’m aiming for something in the 10.3-4 range outdoors, what times should i be looking to progress to weekly on these and be repping out? The way in which I am timing these is to have the clock in the left hand which is behind and just before I know I’m gonna move, I start the clock. I’m not trying to cheat myself here and I’m not trying to set myself up for a fall either. I simply want to know if I’m on the right track to set reach the goals I have set out and want to know what is generally required in running in the 10.3-4 range outdoors in this phase of training.

Thank you for your time in advance!

are you meant to time the E-H-E???and how much speed variation is there meant to be???

anyone know???

Its going to be so individual. The whole point is that you record training times and then competition performance across the season and over the years work figure out the kind of times you should be running. Training is a long term process and should be treated as such each cycle building on the last.

In the short term, for sure if you can run 6.0 for a standing start 60m you are running 6.6 for the 60m and potentially should be hitting 10.2-4 for the 100…but thats just a rule of thumb.