Time-gains with sprinting-spikes over allround-spikes?

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What is your experience :

How much faster times would give sprint-spikes over allround-spikes a top-level-sprinter and an intermediate-level sprinter over 100m?

I know,it depends,as always …but what would be an approximate value ,IF the athlete is used to run in them?


track spikes vs football cleats?

Track spikes are a specific tool for sprinters to execute their craft.

The times are considerable and yes, track spikes should be used to sprint your fastest. I would not compromise on this and speed depends on many variables. What kind of shoes and what type of surface and indoors or out are some of the big variables.

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i thougth about allround-track-spikes (you can use for highjump,longjump and so on…)with a less stiffer sole vs sprint-specific spikes with the extreme rigid sole…
I know there are a lot other variables,but would there be any difference in time between times,when the athlete would switch from allrounders to sprintspikes…
My son(hes 16 now) still runs in allrounders,but my plan is to retain the sprintspikes till he is really fast…

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As a parent, mitigating cost esp. when more growth might happen up to age 26 at least ( male brain concludes full maturation by this rough guideline maybe?) is a good idea.

Flexible soles is what is needed for sure to avoid issues with achilles.

What is best? How might i know?

What I know for sure is i feel its a good idea to take advantage of what you are able to and not worry about anything except making sure you young man is having fun. As soon as the fun stops they will quit. It’s the last thing anyone needs or wants for our youth.