Time Between Sprint and Weights

How long do you guys rest before you perform a weight session after speed work or vice versa? Our coach made us do it right away, but i wasn’t sure if that’s the right way.

The sooner the better. If you have to re-warm up you took too long to get to the gym. If you wait any longer, make sure to get some nutrients in you. In fact, I would take a post workout drink after the track workout and then one after the weights (Nothing high in protein till after the weights though).

I see, so something like a post-workout recovery drink after track work, then proceed immediately to the weights and protein drink after.

Hmmmmm, interesting. What are you basing that on? I suppose it depends on the nature of the workout, but I have heard that doing track and weights on consecutive days can be too much. If it’s speed and heavy weights, it can fry the CNS. Am I way off here, or are we talking about different things?

Considering you can rest up 15+ minutes between sprints, what would the max time be between sprints and weights?

I think the guys are talking about track and weights on the same session, one after the other. Not on separate days… :eek:

you might need to take some more recovery after Speed/Special Endurance sessions vs. Accel/Speed ones; especially according to some of the sessions you’ve outlined elsewhere -unless after these, weights are not performed.

Yea I understand, i’ve been reading the threads and i’ve decided to have a break between the sessions only if i feel fatigued.

I have a recovery drink and then go straight to the weights. Your CNS should already be fired up and ready to put up some big numbers.