Tim Doesn't Qualify for Finals

19:28 - 100 METRES Men - Heats - Heat 1 OFFICIAL RESULTS
First 3 of each heat (Q) plus the 2 fastest losers (q) qualified Wind: 0.9 m/s

1 Aliu Deji NGR 10.04 0.215 Q

2 Chambers Dwain GBR 10.06 0.233 Q

3 Campbell Darren GBR 10.09 0.219 Q SB

4 Zakari Aziz GHA 10.09 0.207 q

5 Johnson Joshua USA 10.17 0.245

6 Edgar Tyrone GBR 10.23 0.159 PB

7 Miller Coby USA 10.39 0.274

8 Plummer Daniel GBR 10.50 0.205

19:39 - 100 METRES Men - Heats - Heat 2 OFFICIAL RESULTS
First 3 of each heat (Q) plus the 2 fastest losers (q) qualified Wind: 2.5 m/s

1 Collins Kim STK 9.97 0.219 Q

2 Gatlin Justin USA 10.03 0.186 Q

3 Williams Bernard USA 10.04 0.139 Q

4 Lewis-Francis Mark GBR 10.09 0.186 q

5 Gardener Jason GBR 10.11 0.168

6 Montgomery Tim USA 10.13 0.258

7 Shirvington Matt AUS 10.39 0.139

8 Baptiste Leon GBR 10.61 0.271

was that a plus or minus wind.?

Why the slow reaction times?

damn tim damn

Are these results correct (from IAAF site)?

Official Result
Men - 100 METRES - Final
Wind: +0.9 m/s
Pos Athlete Nat Mark

1 Chambers Dwain GBR 10.00
2 Collins Kim SKN 10.00
3 Aliu Deji NGR 10.00
4 Williams Bernard USA 10.00
5 Gatlin Justin USA 10.00
6 Campbell Darren GBR 10.20
7 Zakari Aziz GHA 10.20
8 Lewis-Francis Mark GBR 10.40

Five guys run 10.00!!! Has this happened before???

Gbrathletics list the same times. It also says the final was delayed 10 minutes because of faulty equipment.
The reaction times seems odd (for the women too).

I just noticed ,at gbrathletics the times are listed as 10.0 ,10.2 ,10.4 etc… which seems to indicate the faulty equipment never got replaced and that they where only able to gauge every second tenth?

“this is england don’t forget” , seems like i heard this one yesterday. :slight_smile:

holy cow number two…i didnt notice that before . Any word on the wind in the second race?

Looks like Charlie was right we (the British) f&$ked it up again.

BTW Tim’s start in his heat was school boy-esque.

Tims heat was very bad.he got left in the blocks and although he made up some ground he had too much to do,was in shape to run 10flat tonite.

the final was an absolute disgrace!

all the hype for this big 100m show-down was finally drowned by “faulty equipment” which took around 10-15mins to find out what was wrong and then still didn’t seem to work.

Times,what Times.nobody had a clue what time DC did,the tv clock disappeared.

i’m off to the bookies to put $500 on kim collins to win the WC’s,this guy had a very bad reaction and clawed back on DC very well.

Does anyone have an opinion on who actually won? Was it a fair start in the final?

Agree with X-man. Chambers had the best reaction, sagged a little from 60 to 80 but had enough to out dip Collins by a couple of hundreths.

DCwon! it was a fair start but the 10-15min wait was just bollocks.
they couldn’t have organised a nite ina brothel.

before the faulties happened there was a false start but then the crap happened.

other than that it was fair,everyone with equal chances


This is a video of the final at Norwich. The quality is very poor but u can still see that Chambers wins.

Number Two,

The times that I posted are from the prelims, yours are the final.

Chambers wins. Hard to see but looks to be about .02 to .03 and then more spread, so obviously the timer broke down as they certainly weren’t all at 10.00.

They are all hand times… The timer was broke before the race.

Look at that fancy new track suit.:slight_smile:

look at Chambers thighs!!! damnnn… especially compared to Collins!!! wow.