Tim Doesn't Qualify for Finals

Quick it shows you that there are various body types that can run really fast.i said it before and i’ll say it again-i’m putting $500 on kim collins to win the WC’s

The 100m WC race in Paris is shaping up as one fantastic race with many runners having a realistic chance. I am really looking forward to it. This is despite the demise of a potential great matchup between Green and Montgomery, given their form in previous years. It appears that a year, or even six months, is a long time in any sport.

The last time I really looked forward so much to a 100m final was the 1987 Rome WC between Carl Lewis and Ben Johnson given they both went into the final with equal pbs (9.95).

I sat up on all night, and hoped that Johnson would kick his ass, which he did. The final, in front of a packed house in such a fantastic stadium, is still my favorite moment in world sport.

Dwain will be hard to beat in Paris if he gets out at the start. He came out well in the final last night but it was interesting comparing his technique with the head-on shots of Ben posted recently. Charlie made a point of remarking on Ben’s ‘active’ lead arm drive at the start while, IMO, Dwain’s first step, including lead arm throw, looks a bit timid in comparison - maybe a weak point in what could be a very close race.

Mo can’t be counted out. In my opinion, he is still the man to beat. He hasn’t been constistant lately, but can you really count him out of a championship race??? I think that he will look like the Maurice of old at the champs.

That’s a damn good shout x-man! Though having seen london’s gp, DC didn’t run that good a race and still won, ok he had home advantage, but sometimes that can hap more expectation on you-remember the Commonwealth Games?? Friday’s win makes Dwain a warmish favourite, though don’t rule out mo he still has the 2nd fastest time of the year and is a proven championship performer…

Let us look at this from a financial view…with the nice benjamins in the bank…an a month to reload for the WC…Greene has less stress and no string losses to play with his confidence.

this is probably the frist final since 1995 in which there isn’t a clear favorite or co-favorites… it’s wide open.

I think Keli White will win, Thannou second, Gaines or Pintusevich 3rd.

GB athletics had a poor night, not the best example for the world to see … anyway a good mental test for the athletes pre-WC and DC came out strong …

That’s big benjamins on Collins X-man and good luck, but in my opinion DC and Mo are the two big dogs.

DC’s Thighs - yes massive - which is why I was wondering as to his weight now.

Xman - If I had 500 I’d be putting it on a certain distance runner.

no23 i’m going for a certain swed in the mensTJ,a she-male for the womans 800 and a safrican for the womans HJ.hopefully KC will win and put the earnings on my other 3 predictions.

ah yeah FS for the mens 400h.

any more help would be highly thought about,i want to break my local bookies

X-Man, how about caroloina Kluft for the women’s heptathlon, or Tyree Washington in the men’s 400m or even Bernard Williams/Shawn Crawford for the mens 200m???


Good luck
I’ve never heard of a bookies filing for bankrupcy yet - but if you do I’ll share a drink with you!!!

I like some of those bets though - I’d love to know what the odds are anyway for some of those …

Magoo the 200m is wide open and will be tough to predict,don’t forget KK is the man and yet again this year has gone back into hiding just like always.washington for the 400,hmm dodgy.

23 this could be a good earner if i’m correct.you could have a 5-4 for the 100m going onto a 2-1 for other events $500 will get the ball rolling

any more help/predictions

Sorry Man - everything else is too close to call - but keep ears open for news later today …