Tighness in glute medius Right hand side

I’ve had history of a disc extrusion (L5/S1) rhs.
I’m a 100/200/400 runner who is experiencing some spasmotic tightness/cramping in my rhs glute medial band. Would this be a strength issue? It releases if I rest/anti inflam, but is impeeding on my training consistancy. Any thoughts?

I have a son who has experienced the same thing for over 1 year. I finally took him to a specialist and we found out that his glute was very weak! Even more importantly, he found out his glute was not firing before his hamstring…which put a lot of stress on the hamstring. Probably a good PT with sports background could give provide a good assessment of your situation.

Try finding a good Osteopath. Sounds like the sacro iliac could be tight.

You’ll need to get proper diagnosis it could be a few things including SI or a neural impingement.

The cause may manifest in weak glutes but that wouldn’t be necessarily the root cause IMO.