Tier system, anyone use it?

Anyone here use Joe Kenn’s Tier system?

I have used it while training for a 10K (ugh). It worked really well. I didn;t lose any strength (I actually got stronger). A friend uses it for MMA training and has loved it. I think it is very well thought out and fits well with a CFTS template.

You mean like SHAW CABLES 3 tier system where they charge you 20$ for the first tier with a bunch of channels you don’t want and then they charge you 15$ for the second tier where you only want one channel and the third tier is 20$ and you have to have tier 1 in order to get tier 2 and tier 3. Sounds like a big scam to me! I can’t wait for a cable company to say to you pick any 30 channels you want with the total cost being 45$ so thats 1.50$ per channel, then we’ll see all those artsy fartsy crappy channels fly out the door and comletely off the radar. For example channels like Women’s Network, YTV, CBC, ROB TV, FOOD NETWORK, KSPS, CTV, CNN, HN, CNBC, TLC, PRIM, HGTV, TFN, LIFE, TLN, CPAC, VSN, RDI just to name a few.


YES! That is exactly what I mean :eek: What on earth was 101 going on about? :confused:

101, Thanks for that I thought it would fit well.

No problem. If you have any questions regarding implementation, just ask

Ha, hilarious post.

You should know that is a dangerous offer :smiley:

How much more info can be gleaned from the book that can’t be obatined via his log at elite or the outline at Bighouse? I have a friend who got the book and was disappointed with it.

I really liked his explanation of annual periodization. He shows step by step how to create a comprehensive annual periodization program. IMO It’s only $15. For the price I don’t see how you can be disappointed. He covers how he integrates running into the weekly and annual pogram (not as detailed as a CF book on this but he’s a strength coach and CF is a speed coach). He also covers the tier system (like what is on the big house page). I’ve spent $15 on things that I got a lot less from.

Disappointed? How so? I wasn’t disappointed with it…