Tier Structure

Anyone have experience with a tier structure for weight workouts? Does anyone have input regarding good/bad experiences with it?

Yes, what do you want to know?

Did you have good gains with it? Was it compatible with sprinting?

I think it is very compatible with CFTS. I would suggest you get the book, it isn’t very expensive and helps.

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Have to agree with John. Works very well with CFTS. I think dollar for dollar it is the best book out there

Any questions about the system specifically

What book are you speaking of?

Like all the others, I agree that it fits very well with CFTS.

The book is entitled “The Coach’s Strength Training Playbook - Featuring the Tier System.”

Coach Kenn outlines his system on his webpage:


However, for the minimal cost of the book, I would really suggest looking it to purchasing it for yourself (cost is generally under $20 online). The first part goes over periodization and stages of the annual plan, and use of Prilepens tables The middle part is what is posted online. The last part supplies a ton of training cycle templates to use when planning your monthly training.

I will also be interested in having a read of James Smith’s trainining manual that is due for release shortly

Here’s an idea of the contents:

An athletic preparation trainng manual which outlines the High/Low method of managing CNS intensive stressors

  • Learn about the Training Process, the Training Load, and the Training Effect
  • Develop Targeted Motor Tasks
  • Unify the Westside Barbell Method and the Charlie Francis Training System
  • Distribution of Loading Strategies
  • The Classification of Effort
  • The Qualification of Intensity
  • 15 Training Templates
  • Over 30 Training Template Permutations
  • 15 Sample Training Weeks

James stayed at my place for Charlie’s last seminar at Vancouver - very intelligent and well-versed individual. His was kind enough to give me a sneak peak at the manual. I’ve been tight on time lately (and have only had it since yesterday). I’ll post a review once I get it finished.

Inititial impressions: Intitial sections (classification and means of distribution) are very well written and cover the concepts without un-needed complexity. There are a TON of training templates to use based on 2,3,4,5 and 6 day per week workouts that successfully merge Westside and CFTS training protocols. This a great manual for coaches and athletes who are interested in the management of CNS stressors in their training. I’m not sure of the cost, but it would definitely be a great resource to have for planning training.

However, I can see James getting a lot of “Dude, this information is great but how do I use it to put together a yearly training program?” questions at from those individuals that do not understand how to organize and manage a yearly training program (volumes, intensities, etc.)

I’ll update once I get the time to finish it.