Three weeks before competition

When my High School season of track ends, I have a meet about three weeks or so from my first summer meet. I was wondering if the set up I have planned out right now would be suitable for getting me better and ready for that meet and be able to improve from my times for the meet.

Basic Set up(2 weeks):
Monday-Speed, Plyos, Weights
Tuesday-Tempo, MB work
Wednesday-Special Endurance,Weights
Thursday-Tempo, MB Work
Friday-Speed, Plyos, Weights

Basic Set up(the 3rd week, saturday competition)
Monday-Speed, Weights
Wednesday-Speed Endurance
Friday-streatching, otherwise off

here is what it would look like in detail

2x30m 3 pt. start
2-3x30m with blocks
4x60m with blocks
Plyos-(bounding, Box Jumps, Depth Jumps, SLJ)total volume of 40 high quality jumps (the bounds are for 20 to 30m)
Weights-(Bench Press, Squat, Power Clean, Seated Rows, RDL, Military Press)The BP, Squat, PC, and RDL are my core lifts and are lifted wiht maximum percentages for 5 to 2 reps the supp. lifts are doen for 3x5-10)

Tempo-total volume of around 2000 meters,
MB Work-a total of 5 to 6 throws varrying from overhead throws, chest passes, backwards throws, lying OH throws, roll foward throws, Push Press throw. All of these are done 3x10 except for the explosive ones which are 3-4x5)

2-3x200m with full recovery
weights are same as monday, but the volume is slightly reduced to allow maximal special endurance development, which is also why plyos are not done today, also to allow quality work.

same as tuesday

1x30m 3 pt start
3x30m block start
4x flying 30’s with 20m “fly” zone
Plyos and weights are the same as Monday

now for the week of my meet everything would be the same except tempo volume would be reduced frm 2000-2500m to 1000-1500m and monday and wednesday would look like this:

3x30m block starts
4x50m with blocks
weights, no plyos

Speed Endurance-2-3x120m full recovery
no weighs, no plyos

so what does everybody think of this layout? Is it good or overkill? Will it help me improve from my last meet of the season ot my first summer meet?