Thinking crazy

I am starting to plan my off season which starts in a few weeks so that next season is better than this one, which frankly has been pretty crap. :mad:

One thing I am considering is using the first 9 weeks (no pre comp phase) of CF’s Long to Short 100m SPP as GPP for the 400. :eek: Now I know this may seem crazy but having looked at how it is laid out and think it could work for me. Plan would be

Weeks 1-7 GPP based on GPP DVD but with 2 high intensity days and slightly more volume in tempo sessions.

Week 8 recovery

Weeks 9-17 1st 9 weeks of 100m long to short GPP.

Week 18 rest and test 300m TT.

Week 19 recovery

Week 20-32 CF 400m Long to short SPP

Comments appreciated.

Man i think ur crazy, i can never lay something out that long, but hey thats just me.

Um just some offhand things, not really expert opinion here but just from glancing around.

You do a ton of volume, i mean you do as much in a week as i probably do in a month without exaggeration.

Yes ur a 400 guy, and i am more of a 55m guy, obviously there is going to be a huge difference, but your also running your 100sloooww. I mean well at least from looking at the beginning of your journal.

I am suprised someone running 13 could run 60 in the 100, i mean not terribly surprised, but from my point of view speed is the issue.

Take myself for example, obviously not the greatest choice, but i go 6.67 in the 55m, no work over 60m all year and can then go outdoors and pop off a mid 53, while still only having a pr in the 200 of 23.

I think u need to work a lot more on speed and get a lot more recovery, I know you do a lot of tempo, and i would make any effor tpossible to do some type of modified short to long in your case.

Wow that sounds like the most uneducated thing i have written in a long long time, o well hope you get my point.

Don’t judge what is planned by what is currently in place regardless of what I do things will change quite a bit… they have to ! :mad:

All the points you raise are extremley valid. Under the plan above high intensity volume (including weights) will be well down on what it is now. I do need to work on increasing my speed reserve hence why I thought of this. IMHO it could be a better option than an overly extended traditional GPP phase.

Here’s my 2cents. If you feel like dogshit during your training for more than a week or so (or very frequently), you’re probably doing something wrong. Remember, you are trying to PB not peak for the olympic trials.

Again you’ll get no argument from me.

The more I think about and look at this the more sense it makes FOR ME. What is the worst that can happen? I get to 14 weeks out and am in near race shape for 100 & 200m …is that such a bad thing especially when increased speed reserve is a critical goal? It also isn’t like other factors will be ignored and I reckon I’ll be in pretty good shape. I would still have 12 weeks of 400m SPP to go before the season starts. I will also have less volume than previously.

I would view this as a better option than either doing what I have done (which didn’t work that well for me) , doing 3 blocks of ‘traditional’ GPP, trying to manufacture something that is a bit from here and a bit from there hoping it works or follow the suggestion of some here and race X country over winter. :eek:

I’m the first to say that I have made some HUGE mistakes but I am determined not to make them again. :mad:

How would you describe your overall workout progression over the last season. IE. What programs did you follow and for how long? I know you were doing KK work over the last while but can’t motivate myself to dig through your very long old journal entries. Were you doing KK plan from the very start of the season or did you switch over from something else like CF short to long? If so how long would you say you did each type of program?

Before I answer this I will give something of a disclaimer, apologies for the length.

KK’s plan has been proven to work extremely well for others and he has been very helpful and patient with my questions. Unfortunately I haven’t managed things well and believe a more max speed focussed off season is required. KK has admitted max speed development is lacking in his program.

I am running 400m as fast right now as I was this time last year when I had no 400m focus at all and both my 100 & 200 are now considerably (HEAPS!!!) slower :eek: On the positive side I have lost approx 15lbs since last April which is nothing to be discounted.

Last season was my first ever (no childrens, junior or seniors …zip!) and I ran 100 & 200 apart from one 400m right at the end (mid Feb). This was due to an achilles that would ached at the side if I ran over 200m at speed. This meant I never did any runs in training over 200m. I had a pretty basic set up where I did 2 speed sessions pw
A. focussed on short speed (acceleration adn flying 30’s)
B. on SE generally 5 x 100m
or occasionally
4 x 100 & 1 x 200.

I never did a session over 600m and 90% were closer to 500m.

I am not fast enough over the first 30 for a decent 100m and never felt ‘fit’ (a 15lb loss shows that :cool: ) hence my move to 400m, well that plus some crazy psychosis :rolleyes: .
The one 400m I did I ran extremely conservatively over the first 200m (felt like a jog) and ended with a time damn near the same as I ran yesterday.

I started KK’s plan in April and did 2 x 6 week GPP blocks and a 4 week transition. I followed the plan very much as laid out and initially got very pleasing results. I was actually running faster in mid August than I am now :mad: . From there things stalled then went downhill and lurched around pretty badly. I think the volume got too much for me over time and it all caught up and I did a piss poor job of managing the situation. I neglected max speed work, thought SE alone was the answer, it wasn’t!

I guess what I’m saying is for me I think the plan above is more in keeping with what I need than redoing KK’s plan and I wanted some feedback as to how ludicrous it may have been. Over the last few days I have thought a lot about it and think I will follow it. NOTE volume wont be the same as laid out, for example the GPP phase will be 9 weeks to allow for lower volume and regular recovery weeks will be included. I have learned the hard way I’m not 21 anymore and need to allow for my circumstances.

You must follow your own mind-thinking. My feeling is - you have a VERY good base with the 2 x 6 wk GPP and the 4 week transition. Although you THINK your speed has not developed enough, I can assure you, it HAS!!

With Kitkat’s programme, your acceleration will be good. I know you have said that you’ve got problems with this phase - ONLY when the competitions start. After a few races, everything will come together! Be patient!!

NOW it is important to work on your pure speed, based on what you have done with the long runs + ‘speed’ afterwards. It will take a week or two of speed + speed endurance … and you will have SPECIAL ENDURANCE, SPEED, SPEED ENDURANCE … in one short sentence: You will be able to run times which you never THOUGHT of, you will be able to handle rounds, etc etc!!

You are on your way to top PERFORMANCES!!! Keep us updated!