Thinking about trying the 400m

So im thinking about striding for the first 200m, and running about 15 seconds per 100m, then stepping up to about 85-90%, running 14 seconds for the 3rd 100, and then going 100% and about 13 seconds for the last 100m. bringing me to a grand total of around
57 seconds. this will be nowhere near the times that the guys from Pacific set Last year, but I just wanted to try :rolleyes: Also, will I have enough energy to go faster than 57 seconds? note: Jaba from pacific only ran 4 seconds slower on all his lengths. so whats the formula? 200 x 2 + 4 seconds?

Usually your first 200 is around 1.5-2 seconds slower than your best 200m time; i.e. if you run 23.00, go out at 24.5…Your come home 200 is ideally within another 1.5-2.0 seconds of your first 200m you went out at.

So 24.5 + 26.0 = 50.5 400m (if execution is right on)…

What is your best 200? There are alot of 400 formulas out there; I use 200 PB + 1.5 seconds= First 200 of 400m.

Then, 2nd 200m of 400m = First 200m of 400m + 1.5 seconds. Make sense?

Ok, here are my pb’s:

100: 12.42

200: 25.32

So if I were to run the 400 M, I would be running a 54.64 + about 3 seconds, cause I dont have like miler Endurance lol. So the outcome would be around
57.5-58.0? :confused: This would place me at around 5-6 place in my district. Good Enough! lol not everyone can be the best. except god. he’d own Jeremy Wariner lol

Normally your last 100m will be the slowest or you should be walking the first 300m, its good that you wont go full out the first 200m but don’t expect your last 100m to be the fastest, how slow or fast you start, you will die in your last 100m.
If its one of your first 400m then don’t try to focus that much on split times, just run it and afterwards you will know if you started too fast or too slow