Think you're strong?

He dropped his car-keys though…

What weight is he lifting? I don’t get what the voice says.

145kg @ U85

tricks and momenteum :slight_smile:

What’s his bodyweight?


Rupert - don’t like the 10 character restriction…

Watch the IronMind 2001 Polish Training Hall tape, the world record holder for the Snatch in the 85kg class trains on it. Even stronger :slight_smile:

Although he doesn’t look all that spectacular when snatching, but he sure can jump. Shows him jumping on and off a 110cm bench top easily from a few feet away. Benches quite a bit too worked up to a top set of triples with 160kg from memory, at the end of the session too, after all the stuff they do. Just on a regular gym bench and jerk stands.
Hmm World record snatch holder and he does benches :wink:

Kolecki is on the same vid, and he benches 180kg, 396lbs for a double, slight bounch, minimal arch. Again at the end of the session and he snatches around 400lbs. Not too bad for 210lb guy? :slight_smile:
That tells me that if elite Olylifters can bench this much, it can’t be such a bad thing after all :smiley:

here is a rough preview - vid does have colour but it lost it :slight_smile:
Its 7 megs - please right click on it and save it ebfore watching, to save me bandwidth and to reduce errors/probs

Thanks CoolColJ i enjoyed seeing that. Great demonstrations of power.
Thanks also for your clip Dave (May has snatched 20kg more than that before, albeit in the next weight category up)

Thanks for posting that Colin. That first guys quads, ohh man.