Thibaudeau Book

When can we expect to see your new book and where can we get it?

Actually it will be sold at Charlie’s store as a pdf book (just brushing on the last details with Rupert). It should be available in 2 weeks.

Excellent - look forward to that.

Are the signed photos still on offer?? - (Just kidding man :D)

Good news to brighten up the day that’s in it.

BTW - I’m struggling through week 2 of the 14 week ‘Beast’ plan.

I really feel like I have to say “My name is no23 - I am a carboholic” each morning… really missed the carbs at the start - but actually I’m over that now and once you get used to it the nice ‘flatline’ blood sugars it’s not so bad at all.

I’m doing alot of aerobic stuff also - so it’s hurting bad man.
Not using the HR so might not be loosing bf very fast.

[Cracked once already for a few slices of icecream - so ain’t no hero…]

But I’ll stick with it.


Will you be releasing a paper version aswell??

If so, any idea when?

A hardcopy would be nice as well - but not too big something about the size of the “Science and Practise of Strength Training” is perfect.
Compact dimensions :slight_smile:


Will you post the table of contents for the new book? How’s it different from the book offered at t-mag? Thanks.

The new book is more about performance enhancement for athletes while the first book delt with both, sports and bodybuilding.

The book will include:

  1. Eccentric training: scientific basis
  2. Concentric training: scientific basis
  3. Isometric training: scientific basis
  4. KEAT (kinetic energy accumulation training): scientific basis
  5. Contrast training
  6. Eccentric training methods and practical applications
  7. Concentric training methods and practical applications
  8. Isometric training methods and practical applications
  9. KEAT training methods and practical applications
  10. Designing a training plan
  11. EMS (electromyostimulation) for sports
  12. 33 special explosive exercises: illustrations and descriptions
  13. Women and strength training


Book looks good.

Paper copy???

Yes, probably. But more of a long term project.

Will a sample program be in the book?

I suspect chapter 10 will contain some examples :slight_smile:

I am also looking forward to the new book. The first book was good, but disappointing from the standpoint that your training knowledge is much greater than what your wrote about. From your articles and posts its readily apparent that your capable of writing a much more advanced training book. The content was good for the average 17y/o t-mag reader, but when I bought it I was hoping for something a little more that coaches training higher level athletes could use. I guess my complaint isn’t that the book was bad, but geared towards a beginner.