There is a test in a russian army

Special forces - alpha group. You should perform 65 squats in 45 secs, squat down to the fullest and standing up in an almost full height as if you squat with the barbell, not neccessarily lock out in the knees, not partitial squats, standing up in an alomost full height. Does this test have any correlation with being fast on the track?

Seeing that almost no tests really do apart from runs over shorter or longer distances I’d say no.

No relevance.

If so how the one who say squats 50 in 45 can run faster than the one who squats 65 in 45. In sprinting much comes down to explosiveness, something missed in an equation? Those guys mostly are over 220, and ability to perform such demanding tests requires some talent.

Are they carrying out a guy who just attempted the test?

Now that was funny!


I can’t really say there’s any relationship to speed at all but for those Elite Units they are expected to be really good at pretty much everything.

Lots of relative strength plus lots of endurance.

Those bodyweight squats are a killer:)

I think the thing that makes them tough (tough compared to what exactly) is the time you have to do them. A lot of the kettlebell exercises have you complete them within a certain amount of time and then shorten that the next time. I can see this helping someone like a mixed martial artist or boxer but I can see absolutely no carry over to sprinting.