theory behind CNS work

You live in Athens and can’t find a hill??

You live in Athens and can’t find a hill??

sucks doesnt it? Greece has nothing other than hills and there isnt one in my proximity

actualy not one in walking distance, between uni and teaching i dont have alot of time searching around for hills.

ill work it out though


edit: lol i just had the mental image of me running up a sloped road shoes tights and all, random people walking by, cars trying to park and unpark. That ought be fan:P

Epote, I’m sure Zeus has a secret underground temple with plenty of stairs that you could use in place of the hills! LOL :wink: :wink:

You just have to find it!

depending on the club, it might worth doing such a move, especially if there is a decent weights facility there; oh yes and some grass!

grass ill find, hell ill grow some on my tarace if thats what it takes, hills ill manage, last resort would be some high stairs. What i CANT work around is technique. I mean, i dont know what im doing right or wrong, and for fucks sake, those damn olympic lifts, they are imposible:P


they just take time, but if you are working alone, i’d definitely suggest some help; someone who knows to look for your technique -that’s why i said about the club

and the DVD will help you a lot in understanding a few things about technique…

if you want, send me a PM and i’ll FWD you a very good video!


In the GPP DVD, I’ve tried to lay out methods to incorporate correct technique automatically, without instruction anxiety or complication. This would be a good starting point.

ah…ok thanks charlie