the sled or weight vest:which is better

i say the vest, you can do a whole lot more stuff. resisted bodyweight exercises, resisted plyos, and much more that i cant think of right now.

and with the sled, i think you can only pull the sled forwards and backwards

Not really specific. Which is better for what? Weighted vest increase ground contact time, but they can be useful for different workouts. Same with sled. I don’t really know if you can compare the two… Both can be beneficial.

well, the IEX should be better than the sled

Still not being specific. What do you want to use them for?

i think the sled is very beneficial for acceleration development, distances up to 40m, and it teaches a correct forward lean, but then as you get faster it feels lighter, remember momentum = mass x velocity, thats why i think distances up to 40m. Whereas i think the sled can be very useful for bigger distances like the 60 and 80m, since the force doesnt change, and i think its very useful to do drills in like high knees. what do others think?

I’ve stayed away from vests and sleds because of what Tudor Bompa has said about sprinters not doing hills, because you can’t go fast enough. Also Charlie’s comments about only using very slight (3-5%) uphills/downhills and John Smith staying away from sand dunes and other things that have a negative effect on ground contact time.

Do the effects (negative) on form and ground contact outweigh the effect on muscular strength, especially if you’re doing heavy squats? I tend to think so.

im sorry i forgot to say which one is the best for developing speed

the vest is good for plyos,if u needed resistance.

It might add to ground contact time, which is the total opposite that plyometrics are used for. I probably wouldnt use a weighted vest for plyos, but that’s just me.