The road to College Football: Training journal

Pre-Workout: 1 Serving of Prometabolix Endure, 5 grams of CEE

Workout: Failure Bench Press Day

Bench Press:
180 x 10
190 x 10
200 x 10 (PR)

Floor Press:
225 x 0

JM Press:
45 x 6
65 x 5
75 x 5

BW x 0


Broad Jumps:
2 sets x 4 reps

Depth Jumps off 6-8 inch stair:
2 sets x 3 reps

Tuck Jumps:
2 sets x 4 reps

Post-Workout: Chicken, Rice and Beans w/ mixed vegetables

Comments: I had a good workout, I set a Bench Press PR and I am happy, My arms feel dead like spaghetti and my quads took a beating from plyo’s.

FB…keep kickin ass!!! Just curious to how you performed the floor presses as you speed exercise???Did you lower slowly to the floor/relax and then explode up or did you have a quick descent , then explode up…just curious, I never thought of sustitution floor presses in as a speed exercise but I may give it a whirl!!!

I did them as fast as possible I used 50-60% of my max Bench Press and lowered it fast and pushed it up fast but at the same time my elbows didn’t bounce off the floor. It is close to mimicking something I learned at the BC camp when taking on a Block your elbows need to be in line with your body and then you explode them into the offensive lineman as hard as possible.

Pre-workout: Peanuts, 1 serving of Prometabolix Endure!, 5 grams of CEE, 200 mg of Caffiene

Workout: ME Squat Day

ATG Squats:

135 x 5
225 x 5
275 x 5
300 x 4(PR)


75 x 5 reps on each leg
115 x 5 reps on each leg
150 x 6 reps on each leg(PR)


135 x 6
185 x 6
225 x 6 (easy as hell)
275 x 8 (easy could have got it 11-12 times)(PR)

Still sore from plyo’s- did nothing

Comments: Man the ATG squats are a whole new beast in itself exploding from the bottom takes so much muscle recruitment I was and idiot for not doing them before, well basketball season just ended, which means more players in the weightroom creates a better lifting envioroment, My right hamstring is still a little tweaked from the plyo’s, My legs feel so strong from what I have been doing, Step-ups are very easy, RDL’s were extremely light, next time I will make sure I have the 3 plates on there, GREAT WORKOUT TODAY 5/5 (it is thefirst time I have tried the lifts in a while so they are all PR’s)

Question about the step ups. How are you doing them, what height is the box? I only ask because that is almost as much as Defranco shows Vinny C. doing in the training pics, and really your other lifts dont indicate ability to be able to do them that heavy. Hey maybe I’m wrong. Also I noticed you could do zero dips?If so, I think you need to take some time to improve your general relative strength.

When I do step ups I am stepping onto a Bench Press pad which is up to my knees if you want exact measurement then I could give them to you.
I was just looking at something that Joe Defranco wrote and I realized I was using my non working leg to push off the ground so that is about my only problem that needs fixing.
About the dips I have done 15 reps but when I did 0 it was like my triceps had no strength left possibly because my lack of recovery from my the previous lifts, the floor press and the JM Press were done back to back and then I just went for dips with taking 30 seconds of rest like I was supersetting them.

FB…thanks for the floor press explaination…I am rehabbing my shoulder right now but I will try these when I feel better! Keep training hard…in case you have never seen joe defranco’s site ( I’m sure you have) here are some motivational pics…of college footballers who train westside style!!!

Pre-workout: 5 grams of CEE, 1 serving of Prometabolix Endure

Workout: ME Bench Press Day

Floor Press (Warmup):
225 x 1

Bench Press:
180 x 10
195 x 10
205 x 9.5 (It was so easy until I lost the arch in my back I was being cocky when i straightened up for my last rep)

Bent over Row:
135 x 6
155 x 5
165 x 6

Bent over Dumbell Flies:
25’s x 6
40’s x 6
40’s x 6

Post workout: 1 serving of All the whey protein, a tablespoon of Glutamine Peptides and a heaping teaspoon of microlactin

Comments: Todays workout was decent nothing special but my right hamstring is still messed up, The snow is coming so I am probably not going to run tomorrow I am probably going to do some explosive jump rope work tomorrow and conditioning jump rope work on thursday. On thursday I am probably going to ATG Squat and after that for the next 2 weeks I am going to do Snatch Grip Deadlifts. I am now doing a modified version of Westside for Skinny Bastards.

Pre-workout: 5 grams of CEE, 1 serving of Body Octane

Workout: ME Lower Body

Snatch Grip Deadlifts:
135 x 3
225 x 1
275 x 6 (PR)

Power Clean:
135 x 1
175 x 1
185 x 1
205 x 1
220 x 1 (PR)

Single leg squats w/ back foot elevated:
75 x 6 (each leg)
85 x 5 " "

BW x 6
+25 lbs x 6
+ 35 lbs x 8 (PR)

Post-Workout: 1 serving of All the Whey protein, 1 Tablespoon of Glutamine Peptides, 2 teaspoons of Microlactin (bumped up the dosage)

Comments: Very good workout day my body is feeling real good as I continue to put up numbers. Something I found out today is the Power Clean is all mental until you really get into heavy weights like 270, to me it seems like when I clean the 2.5 plates don’t really matter as they can be added and it won’t make that big of a difference when lifting. I think I set a Snatch Grip Deadlift PR but I am not sure it probably is. for the hypers it was the first time ever doing them but sooner or later I am going to be holding a hell of a lot of more weight then 35 lbs.

Pre-workout supplements: 5 grams of CEE, 1 serving of Prometabolix Endure


Bench Press:
180 x 10
195 x 10
205 x 9 (Oh well monday I am moving up to 4 x 8)

Elbow out Extensions:
25 x 6
40 x 0
30 x 6

BW x 5
BW x 4
BW x 4

223 x 8
235 x 8
275 x 8

Comments: Overall good day not much to say about it.

Pre-Workout: 1 serving of Endure!, 5 grams of CEE

Workout: Lower Body Maximum Effort Day

Power Clean:
95 x 5
135 x 3
185 x 2
200 x 1
215 x 0 (WTF? Damn I was so pissed after missing at 215)

ATG Squats:
225 x 3
275 x 1
315 x 3
345 x 5 (PR* I had one more but I wanted to stay in the 5 rep range. I had one more in me but oh well 2 weeks from now I should be going for 360)

Step Ups (On each leg):
105 x 5
115 x 6
170 x 6 (PR)

GHR’s: Attempted but right hamstring is still tweaked.

Seated Goodmornings:
115 x 5
135 x 6

Post-workout: Sesathin, Protein, Lecithin, Microlactin and Glutamine Peptides.

Comments: Shit man this sucks, Next week my ME lift I am going attempt Rack Pulls for the first time, which should be entertaining, I want to use 110-120% of my Deadlift to do Rack Pulls for 3-5 times, grip is going to be a problem. I started to cramp from the Step-Ups but I pushed through it. I couldn’t run today because of the poor weather conditions of the snow, but from now on my speed is taking importance over my lifting so my stats are going to take struggle but I am hopefully looking to really work on my acceleration specifically the 40 yard dash.

Pre-Workout: 1 serving of Endure!, 5 grams of CEE (changing it around to 2.5 grams pre-workout and 2.5 grams before I go to sleep)

Workout: Bench Day

Bench Press:
180 x 8
195 x 8
205 x 8
220 x 4 (Pathetic I feel overworked my left Pec feels a little torn so I am going to bench next week probably on Friday or Wednesday depends on how I feel)

Floor Press:
185 x 5
185 x 5
240 x 0

BW x 3 (I stopped here because I got a cramp in my right hamstring do to poor hydration)

Bradford Press:
95 x 5

Comments: I felt like shit today because I am sick, I have a little cold, workout was shit couldn’t run today because of the snow again!!! My current goal in 2 months is to be 220 lbs @ 10% BF and being able to run a 4.7 40 yard dash. Next 2 weeks I am going to try to lose about 11 lbs then put on 4 lbs after that.

FB…what are ATG squats? and Bradford Presses, I will check elite ft for these I think I saw a pic, just curious!! Keep up the good work! :cool:

ATG Squats are when you go all the way to the bottom of a squat past parrallel. Bradford Press can be found on

Pre-Workout: nothing

Workout: DE Squat/Deadlift day

205 x 3
205 x 3
205 x 3
205 x 3
205 x 3
205 x 3

40 yard dash:
5.03 (very slow start really need to work on the start and the 1st 10 then the numbers will improve)

Snatch Grip Deadlift:
205 x 3
205 x 3 (felt spent so I stopped)

Assisted Manual Leg Curl:
BW x 1
BW x 1
BW x 3 (1 by myself)
BW x 3 (1 by myself)

Then I did some Ab work

Comments: I feel as though all my efforts the past 4 months has gone to waste I know I have got stronger but yet it is not correlating to the sprinting part. I don’t what is going on but I have a few theories: My hip flexors are too tight, I am not flexible, My Posterior Chain is weak, My start is bad and my Power Clean is poor. I have come to the realization that all my lifts have mproved except for my Power Clean and my 40 yard dash time remains stagnant: so there must be some correlation between the exercises. I need to focus on my Power Clean by strengthen my Deadlifts and GHR’s.

or you could sprint…

Yea I am all this week and then track starts next week, Northeast has been plummeted by snow not really allowing sprinting conditions.

FB, I am no expert but I found some stuff, you may already know that you might take a look at in order to help your 40 and vertical Jump

Also in Adam Archuleta’s DVD he credits the GHR raises to his increased 40 time and vertical Jump…he does all sorts of variations but has worked his way up to 100-300 reps per session, multiple sessions per day!!! Maybe trying some of this stuff will help!!!
Good Luck!

Pre-workout: 2.5 grams of Cee, 1 serving of Prometabolix Endure (This didn’t do anything for me so I am taking about 5-6 days off supplements)


Bench Press:
180 x 8 (Taxing set for some reason)
195 x 8
205 x 8
220 x 4.5 (I am not going to Bench Press for maybe 2 weeks only going to do the Floor Press)

JM Press:
45 x 5
55 x 7
65 x 5
95 x 5

90 x 6
110 x 6
130 x 4

Pick up game of Basketball (I have a 3 on 3 basketball tournament tomorrow it should take my mind off weightlifting because I am just physically and mentally spent)

Comments: Today was a typical day but it sucked couldn’t get 220 for more then 4.5 times and I almost locked out 270 almost 4 weeks ago. There is one of 2 things that could happen 1 is that I rise up above this failure or I don’t and just do nothing.

I have been playing competitive 3 on 3 basketball for the past 2 days focusing on my endurance and my agility. I also have my abusive track practice starting this Mon. - Fri., it should be a good year this year as I am going to try to get into states for throwing.

This week I am only going to DE lifting as my Deload week then I am going to reload on March 28 and my first meet is April ~14.

I am also going to start eating a lot cleaner during track season as I have been lazy not eating what is good for me just eating to fill my stomach and it has taken it’s effects on my body as I am carrying a little more fat.

I have no idea what my coach is going to do I hope he trains us well but chances are he is going to train the sprinters some old-school method that he has been using for 10 or so years.