The reason behind my injury woes??

Well I recently had a consultation with a natropath. I told her my situation [been getting injured all this year] and what my diet has consisted of the past year. And how I have altered my diet the past month or so eliminating, dairy and wheat. The first thing she did was look at my eyes and say I was magnesium deficient! I asked how she could tell and she said its because of my large pupils. She then took a picture of both my eyes, to study before our next consultation which was the next day. She gave me omega three fish oil tablets - one tablet/capsule three times per day. Magnesium phosphate, one tablet three times per day. And a powder to be mixed with water to be taken once per day, or twice if training is being conducted. The powder [mix with water] is called 300b. [ bio activ] i will edit this post tommorrow with all the ingredients. Anyway she also said, studying the photo of my eye showed my skeletal system was inflamed, particuarly my lower back and neck. [I have had many butt injuries, most likely related to my lower back]. She said slight deterioaration may have taken place already. Anyway when I told her what my diet had been the last 12 months, she said that was the main cause, combined with hard training. My diet had alot of cereal products like oats, and lots of milk and wheat products like pasta and bread. I was mistaken in thinking this was healthy… Anyway I told her my current diet and she said that its good. Lots of vegies [no potato] no dairy, fruit, animal protein, brown rice etc. Basically just no wheat or dairy. :slight_smile: She said the supplements and my diet will help fix me up, and in the meantime training must be light. No prolonged hard training. She also recommended getting an x-ray or MRI scan to see if there where any problems there. She gave me a list with all the foods my blood type [O] should eat, and avoid with a few acceptions.

What she said seemed to be logical to me - hard training combined with lots of gluten and dairy = screwed up body and injuries… Is she crazy? I will add more details, if you want… Thanks for your time. :slight_smile:

i don’t know about those natropaths… they seem to be bs…