The periodisation of successful sprint programmes

Charlie, I have often wondered if there is a common feature to all successful sprint programmes. For example your training periodisation is very similar to Carlo Vittori (Pietro Minnea’s coach) or Yuri Verkhoshansky’s (“the father of plyometrics”) concentrated strength phase training in that you go from long to short emphasising max strength then maintaining it whilst developing speed endurance qualities and elastic strength. Yet, if you look at what is published about C Lewis’s training or Micheal Johnson’s training or even the camp of John Smith they emphasis more speed speed endurance and seem to curtail max strength or do not train it at all.

What is the common feature that all these training regimens have?

Why is it that they can all produce world class athletes?

I agree in this exposition. The succefull of the development of the
habilities and capacities in speed is for the right organization of
the training process, this aspect has been studied by different
scientifics and coaches in the world, and have developed the models
altogether with sport sciences that allow to obtain the best performances of
the sprinters. I want to congratulate to Charlie Francis by its work
and this Web site.


There are many ways to get the job done, but, I suppose, the one thing all sucessfull programs have in common is designing the right program for the strengths of the individual. I think this is prob best defined by John Smith because he has worked sucessfully over such a range of events.

This may sound stupid but I reckon its common sense KIS (keep it simple)