The Need to Deload

Hey guys,

I’ve asked some members about the opinion of deloading every 4th week in your training of sprints, weights, etc. What is everyone’s opinion on that?

I do sprints, weights, tempo work, ball skill work, and 2 soccer pickup games on the weekend

There’s only one way to find out if it works for you. Just give it a try.

Generally speaking, and this seems pretty obvious, there’s more need for a deloading week for a top sprinter doing 3-4 high intensity sessions of 3-4 hrs per week, than for the developing sprinter doing two shorter sessions.

Most ordinary people end up with life getting in the way, thus creating a built in deload week anyway.
Eg, Students might have a heavy week of exams, and their training load will reduce.
Imagine doing a planned de load week, then the following week is a Forced de load week. Now you have two weeks de loaded…

Yeah boldwarrior summed it up perfectly. No need for a young athlete with little training experince to deload every 4th week.If you are eeling tired or sluggish take deload week. If your feeling fresh and seeing improvents there will be no need

Okay thanks guys so I guess if I am doing good and seeing improvement then keep doing what I’m doing, but if life’s getting in the way or I have to compromise in some way or I’m just not feeling mentally or physically good deloading can help.